Irish Business Networking – – better than OpenCoffee, Barcamp or BNI?

Derek Organ left me a comment about the new Investnet site. Investnet run the successful (offline, Dublin based) Wireless Wednesday and First Tuesday networking events. In terms of cold financial payback, the latter is the most successful IT-Business networking event(s) that I’ve taken part in. Now all these networks are available online, in a Facebook / LinkedIn style site.

Good to see an Irish Organisation ‘get’ the networking possibilities that Web2.0 brings.

InvestNet Ireland Logo
Also came up in conversation at Barcamp BelfastBusiness Networking International (BNI). Great if you do lots of little sales – e.g. Accountants, Solicitors, IT shops , as the aim is do to cross referrals between close, but not competing , companies.

I’ll (finally) get to OpenCoffee Dublin tomorrow (Thurs 5th July). Will it be better for networking than Investnet, Barcamp or BNI?

Barcamp T-Shirts

I’ve just picked up the Barcamp T-Shirts. They’re white , with the Barcamp Logo across the Chest. And they look pretty good.


If you want one, you better get yourself down to the Digital Exchange tomorrow.

Thanks to Ed Byrne of Hosting365 for the sponsorship.

How to network (people, not computers)

If you’re blogging, you’re interested in meeting people. Partly on a genuine personal level, partly on a mercenary ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’.

Nothing wrong with that - it’s no good being the best at what you do if nobody knows about it. This list from Tricia Murphy’s Website (articles – no blog) shows how to network without feeling like a politician. I’d disagree with number 3, but the rest seem common sense.

1. Keep in mind that networking is about being genuine and building trustful and mutually beneficial relationships.
2. Tell people how they can help you, if they don’t know, they can’t help!
3. Send handwritten thank you notes, in an electronic world it makes a great impression!!
4. Keep people in the loop – let your sources hear how they have been of help FROM you!!
5. Stay in touch when you need nothing from the other person.
6. Ask someone you know to introduce you to someone you particularly want to meet.
7. Lead by example – pass on information, introduce people and be known as the connector, a valuable place in any network.
8. Keep an open mind when meeting new people – you never know who you need to meet until you have met them!
9. Be involved – be seen on the scene.
10. Nurture your network it will nurture you!!

Thanks to Tom for the (indirect) link to this via the Events Day conference.

Barcamp team spotted organising in Dublin

Barcamp team spotted organising in Dublin.

Barcamp Team

Barcamp team Ellybabes, Joe Drumgoole and Eoghan McCabe (plus Paul Browne behind camera) spotted plotting in a pub in Dublin. Paul Walsh sent his apologies. More to be revealed about Barcamp Dublin shortly.

Barcamp Dublin is Go on the 21st April

The announcement on the official BarCamp Dublin Blog is here.

Barcamp Dublin Logo

To quote what is barcamp?

[Barcamp] is an informal gathering of people from technical and business backgrounds, where information and experiences are exchanged. The event is geared towards sharing knowledge and learning from others and there is a policy of encouraging active participation in all discussions.

So if you’ve never been to one before, and not sure about attending. Just Go. You’ll be glad that you did.

Update: Paul asked me to change the order of links so that the ‘official’ site came first (previously I had his blog listed top). The original links are below.

Paul Walsh has announced the date of Barcamp Dublin on his Blog. It’s Saturday 21st April in the Digital Hub Dublin. Paul is organising the Event , along with EllyBabes and Joe Drumgoole.

Update 2: I’d forgotten to mention Keith Bohanna’s post about the upcoming Barcamps. Anybody else up for organising a Barcamp north of Dublin (in Drogheda, Dundalk or Newry)?

Bar room brawl forecast for the Irish Blog Awards …

Seems that both Michele and Tom will be at the Irish Blog Awards (but not the Barcamp in Waterford this Saturday). Tom’s not happy with his hosting. Make that Tom is very unhappy with the hosting. Will it all end in a barroom brawl in the basement of the Alexendar hotel?
My own opinion is that all hosting contracts, like politics, end in tears. I’ve sympathy with Tom , having recently been in a similar situation. In my case , I have nobody to blame but myself:

  • I should have backed up my files if they were that important to me.
  • You get what you pay for. In my case , I was on shared hosting for next to nothing. I was unhappy , but not surprised when it fell over.

Overall , I can understand , but I’m slightly disappointed with Tom. He’s the closest thing we have to an ‘A-List blogger’. With that power comes responsibility – I wouldn’t diss a companies hard-won reputation (even though they may deserve it) without thinking over ‘what could I have done better’)
Note, I don’t host with Blackknight and have no connection to them.

Alternative nominations – 2007 Irish Blog Awards

For the consideration of the Academy , here are our Irish Blog Award nominations. We may or may not vote for them (!), but I’d like the Irish Blogging public to consider some of the alternatives to the usual big A-List bloggers (who are fairly safe to get nominated anyway :-). Also pretty sure to be nominated are last years award winners. Now , if only I can figure out how to work the award nomination form ….

Blog Awards Logo

  • Best Blog Post – David McWilliams on something even more important than blogging (!) the impending property market crash.
  • Most Humorous Post – Bifsnif. For having the best cartoons available on the web , of which this is only one sample.
  • Best Photo Blog - Ireland from a Polish perspective. Not a dedicated photo blog, but the images are as good as any that I’ve seen on the web.
  • Best Blog – Red Cardinal. He’s angling for the ‘Best Newcomer’ spot, but I think he’s worthy of ‘Best Blog’ consideration (a) Because he’s got good content and style and (b) He blogs about something relevant to all bloggers – how to get noticed by Google.
  • Best Political Blog – Dominic Hannigan. You may or may not agree with his politics (Labour), but he’s one of earliest politicians to blog, and deserves kudos for his suggestion to mail dog s**t to the Meath county manager.
  • Best Group Blog – IQ content who have just been accepted into the 9Rules network (a sure sign of blog quality if ever there was one)
  • Best Personal Blog – The Swearing Lady. But only because I’m afraid of her.
  • Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog2 Years in a row for Conn? , even if an lionra has just ended. Damien has just told me that you can’t both sponsor and be up to win the award. I suppose it would be a bit awkward for the photo’s.
  • Best Contribution to the Irish BloggersphereDamien Mulley. He stuck his neck out and organised the 2006 Irish blog awards when nobody was sure it was going to take off. Despite the huge increase in workload, He’s organising the 2007 awards.
  • Best Technology Blog/Blogger (you mean, apart from ourselves :-) Justin Mason. A one man anti-Spam fighting machine. Kudos for his work on Spam Assasin ,but he’s also quite a good technical writer.
  • Best Designed Blog – Ken McGuire(Creative Imaginations). A very visually appealing blog, andmanages to get a lot of information and content across without appearing cluttered. AFAIK Ken doesn’t do freelance word press work , but if he did , you’d want him to design your blog for you.
  • Best Specialist Blog – Brian Honan, Security Watch. You mightn’t know it from his blog, but Brian does have a personality :-). A single minded dedication to security makes his blog a ‘must read’ for anybody who uses a PC.
  • Best Newcomer – A lot of the people that are newcomers , don’t look like newcomers (i.e. the quality of the blog is so good you thing they’ve been blogging forever). Perhaps this list might give you a few suggestions. My vote goes to Pat at Roam4Free.
  • Best Business Blog – McGarr Solicitors. Maybe not the best business blog, but worthy of your consideration as one of the first traditional (i.e. non tech business) bloggers out there.

We’re not nominating Best Music / Best Podcast / Best Podcaster / Best Videocast / Best Arts and Culture blogs. Maybe we should get out more.

More Posts on the Irish Blog Awards.

Update: With Conn out of the way perhaps Blunt Cogs could be the surprise Entrant. No, somebody else is going to have to nominate them.

Irish Blog Awards – Blogs of the Sponsors

I was curious about who the other sponsors are of the Irish Blog Awards. There’s no list of the ‘sponsors blogs’ , so I did a bit of investigation. The links below are either the Sponsoring companies blogs, or people that (I think) work for them. If I got something wrong, leave a comment.
Blog Awards Logo

Update 1: Edelman link corrected.

Irish Blog Awards – What do we do?

A a sponsor of the ‘Irish Blog Awards‘ Damien has asked us to give a short piece on what exactly we do. After much thought, we’ve come up with the following: take people’s brains and shove them into PC’s. By using Web and Java technology they make sure that your most previous asset (knowledge) does not walk out of the building every night. have been blogging since 2004 and are proud to sponsor the Irish Blog awards for the 2nd year in a row.

It might be a bit pulp fiction, but at least my Mum will understand it!

What Irish IT Buyers really want – Dublin Event

From the ICS Newsletter:

Sales people or managers responsible for selling or marketing IT solutions at the “C” level are strongly encouraged to attend this wine and cheese evening event. IT buyers from  Ireland  ’s top organisations including Dunnes, AXA, AIB, and Vhi will provide insight into their decision-making criteria.

Date:                Thursday January 25th

Time:                6 pm

Venue:              ICS, Cresent Hall, Mount St. Crescent,Dublin 2

Cost:                Free to members of ICS and the Sales Institute

€25 to all others

To register:       Contact Edwina Fogarty, or phone: 01 6447820

Attendees will:

  • Listen to and meet IT buyers with a combined IT budget in excess of €1billion
  • Understand what solutions these key decision making executives are really looking for.
  • Get an insight into what decision criteria they will use before purchase.
  • Learn how to get in front of these people and how they will look to you to add value to them.
  • Meet other IT Sales people who may have a complimentary offering to your own, whom you can partner effectively with.

Format of the evening

  1. 6.00pm – Each executive will speak for about 7 minutes on what they are looking to achieve with their IT purchases and what they are looking for from sales people.
  2. 6.30pm – There will then be a question and answer session, chaired by Peter Lawless, where you can pose your questions directly to the speakers.
  3. 7.00pm – The formal part of the evening will then be followed by a wine and cheese reception where you will have an opportunity to network and follow up on the advice you have just been given by the speakers.


Vincent Nolan, CIO, Dunnes Stores

Padraic Mills, CIO, AXA

Paul Williams, Head of Procurement, AIB

Gerry Quinn, IT Director, Eircom

Mick Furlong, IT Director, VHI

Leo Lundy, Chief Technical Officer, Imagine Group

Peter Lawless, Chairman IT Sales Network and Founder 3R Sales & Marketing

Peter Lawless, is the founder of 3R Sales and Marketing, an Irish Business development consultancy. Peter Lawless is a proven business growth guru, with over 20 years in industry. Hundreds of owners of small and medium businesses, both national and international, have benefited from his advice and expertise.

Serving as a mentor of Enterprise Ireland and an external examiner for Dublin Insitutute of Technology,  Peter is also on the boards of a number of other companies. A fellow of the Sales Institute and The Irish Computer Society, Peter is a member of the Marketing Institute, the Irish Internet Association, the Irish Software Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

Update: It has just been pointed out to me that the Irish computer society do not have an RSS feed on their website.


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