Irish Computer Society

Last week, in the spirit of shameless Self-promotion and networking, joined the Irish Computer Society (ICS). The particular event that I was interested in (IT Contractors meeting) has been ‘postponed until the new year’, but at least I’ve got all the paperwork in and I’m now a member.

While there is more than an element of truth to the Groucho Marx quote ‘I never wanted to be a member of a club that would have me’, there are one or two interesting things going on at the ICS. They’ve just had an IT Architects forum and some other industry / sector specific stuff like Health.

They also are running a programme called ‘skills cert’. Basically the ICS act as a trusted 3rd party and vouch for the skills listed on your CV. I’m hoping (but not holding my breath) that it will catch on …


  1. Do you think the ICS is of any use to an Internet Marketing company? Obviously there’s an element of coding in the re-alignment of a web site, but looking at the event list I’m not sure.

    Maybe a follow up post in a couple of months about the value of the ICS and what a ‘target member’ would be is a good idea!

  2. As an update, went to the ICS event on Tuesday. It was more of social network thing, rather than the ‘technical presntations’ that they normally do.

    A couple of things struck me:
    – The membership (or at least the ones I talked to) were quite heavily skewed in favour of Government and Public Sector.
    – There were quite a few ‘Senior’ guys there – both in terms of the jobs they did and their experience in the industry
    – Only downside (from a Web focused company point of view) is that that is skewed towards more ‘traditional’ technologies.

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