Everything you know about the web is wrong

Yes, form an orderly queue for autographs – the article in Business Plus magazine is finally available in the February edition (currently in Newsagents). It’s called ‘Everything you know about the Web is wrong’ and tries to introduce some of the concepts behind Ajax to a wider Audience.

Now, if you’re too tight to buy the magazine , or you’re living outside Ireland , this blog entry tells you how to download it. Mind you, you’ll miss out on the lovely photo of me. Want something more technical? Try this article I wrote for Sun’s Java website on for size.

While you’re at it, book your place to see me deliver a presentation on Web 2.0 – it’s part of the Irish Dev / Irish Internet Association Event on the 21st February at the Morgan Hotel in Dublin. All comments (especially giving a cold dose of reality amid all the hype) are welcome.

All shameless self publicity.



  1. Michele · January 27, 2006

    It was a good article. I didn’t realise you wrote it 🙂

  2. Paul Browne · January 28, 2006

    The article is not as good as I hoped it would be – compared to writing for O’Reilly

    1) I didn’t get a chance to proof the final article. Some changes were made that I think lessened the articles readability (although some good edits are in there).

    2)Normally, as a courtesy, you get a ‘we go live with this in 5 mins’ email.

    Still, the feedback I’ve got from the Target Audience (the 90% + of the business community that has not heard of web 2.0 and ajax) has been good.

  3. Paul Browne · January 28, 2006

    In spirit of Web 2.0 , the slides that I am preparing for the presentation on the 21st are available (as work in progress) here:


  4. admin · February 19, 2006

    Slides now available for download – links on this post:

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