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Checklist for IT Contracts

The Irish Computer Society (ICS) has a useful checklist for Irish companies of things to watch out for when setting up an IT contracts.

These items include:

  1. Take a look at your ‘standard’ contract in the light of recent developments in IT
  2. Review how you can make your supplier selection process even better.
  3. Use competitive procurement if possible
  4. Keep electronic copies of contracts
  5. Have formal contracts in place
  6. Watch out for IPR and use source code escrow if necessary

Why the change in look and feel?

I’ve changed the look and feel on this site, basically because I ‘broke’ the previous template (so badly you couldn’t read it). As a temporary measure, I switched to this one , then realised the site is much more readable.

So, we’ve got to add in contact details, profile , google adwords, category-as-a-cloud, del.icious links, links to the other bloggers etc. all over again. Even so, at least we should end up with a nice, clean site.

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