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Bloglines | PaulBrowne’s Blogs Set of Blogs that I am reading via Bloglines (tags: PB) ยป Web Office Suite: best … More

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Bloglines Bloglines – easy to use Blog reading and publishing tools (tags: blog web 2.0 reader blogger tools search) Agile … More

links for 2006-02-24 – JBoss Seam JBoss Seam – integrates JSF and EJB (Java Server Faces and Enterprise Java Beans) (tags: java … More

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Product Downloads Sun One application Server – Solaris download sun one application server (tags: download sun one application server) Product … More

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THE EL PASO TIMES Blogger from Dundalk , Ireland – my town of origin – even if now exiled in … More

Web 2.0 Presentation Links

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably either been to (or missed) the Web 2.0 Presentation for Irish Dev / Irish … More

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AOP@Work: AOP myths and realities Good article on Aspect Orientated Programming – when it can be of use (tags: AOP … More