Corporate Blogging – Irish Internet Association Event

One rule of thumb : when the Economist Magazine (the one with the red square on the top right hand corner) writes about something, it is a sure sign that it is leaving the 10% of early adoptors and going mainstream. This has been true for Agile Projects , Java and even the rise of the Internet.

This weeks Economist has an article on Corporate Blogging. It gives a good explanation as to what blogging is about , for the 90% of the population that hasn’t heard about it yet. It also gives the case study of when Diebold bought Global Election Systems (GES). GES makes voting machines similar to those involved in the electronic voting debacle in Ireland. The GES machines have similar problems, but unfortunately Diebold only became aware of this after they bought they company. What is interesting is that these problems were well documented beforehand in the blogosphere – a good example of how the blogging community can save you a lot of money!

As part of this ‘Blogs going mainstream’ , the Irish Internet Assoication is hosting a Seminar on blogging. It’s at the Hilton hotel in Dublin on the 8th March. Worth checking out. Michele Neylon , who is giving the talk , is also looking for examples of Irish Business Blogs.

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