Two posts about Oracle in One Day?

Two posts about Oracle in One Day? Must be going mad.

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I’m using Oracle Sql Developer (formerly Raptor). It’s a nice little tool to view information on an Oracle Database (and much better than Sql Plus, which was a throwback to the 1970’s). Maybe it doesn’t have all the power of Toad or Sql Navigator, but that doesn’t matter , it’s free , can run anywhere (it’s Java based) and does most of what you need.

The reason for the post? Opened it up today, and found that it has an auto-update feature (a la Eclipse). It now has support for Oracle Reports , Oracle Data mining as well as a nifty Sql formatter. It will be interesting how Quest software responds to this!

The main reason for using Sql Developer as a Java person is that allows you to test your connections; simple copy and paste your JDBC Url from your Java application, and hit the ‘test’ button. No longer do you have to pull your hair out as to why your lovely ajax web application no longer works , only to find somebody has changed the DB username and password!


Oracle and Spring – who would have thought?

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Oracle are a database company that you may have heard of. Spring is a Java framework that you probably have not heard of, but it incredibly useful for Java developers to give them a head start in their development work (as well as getting rid of a lot of the donkey work later on). It’s no surprise the Spring works with Oracle Application Server, given that is what the Spring team aim to do.

What is a surprise is that Oracle are making a big noise about the Spring framework. Remember these guys preferred to buy the Orion Application Server and rename it OAS (without changing anything anything else, including the names used in the back end).

Mustn’t grumble, if it allows Oracle – Java developers to experience the joys of Inversion of Control , AspectJ , Integration with the Major web frameworks (including Struts, JSF) and Hibernate out of the box (although I suspect that Oracle will still push TopLink for mapping to the Database).

Back Blogging

September was a pretty horrible month, given that my hosting company finally fell out from under me. I can’t say I didn’t see it coming – the service in the last 3 months was pretty dire , and they had a major security breach which appeared to be the last straw. In case you’re wondering , they were (past tense) a US based crowd called Netbunch.

Still , every cloud, Silver lining etc. It takes something as drastic as this to force people to move hosting company. In my case , I’d signed up for Enterprise Java hosting with RimuHosting (a New Zealand based crowd, it’s called after a tree which explains the strange name!), but could never make the time to move the files accross. Not having email or a web site concentrates the mind, and in the end the move was pretty easy – about 2 days total.

Lessons learned:

  • You get what you pay for.
  • You can never have too many backups
  • You don’t have to host everything in one place. For email , Google can now host your company email (e.g. Google is a lot less likely to fall over than your website.
  • .

    Now if you excuse me , I have about 100 more blog entries to restore …