10 months on and still no refund from 02

Lessons learned from the ongoing Saga.

  • Dont buy anything from Totterdell’s (who 02 normally suggest) their customer service is attrocious. Go direct to the 02 shop and don’t hand over your money until you see the 3G working on your laptop.
  • Mobile Data is more complicated than mobile phones. If your technical support takes more than 30 days to diagnose the problem (which is probably my Dell Inspiron), why do you then refuse to give customers their money back (because it is outside of the 30 day refund period)?
  • Don’t believe anything 02 support tell you – I was promised a refund back in August (and have the statement to prove it) but have just spent a week having to explain the case all over again, including the bit where the excited customer rep tells me the refund has been approved (excuse me for not jumping up and down , but I’ve heard this one before).

So , this time, if I send a letter (again) to 02, I really will get the refund. I’ll then be able to put the 149 Euro towards something that actually works, like this (much better) offering from Vodafone.

Vodafone logo

Update (1): The vodafone product is HSPDA (=Broadband mobile). I have a ‘good friend’ who has one of the new Dell 4G Embedded Laptops, and the coverage from Dublin to Drogheda (along the Rail line) is excellent – HSPDA all the way ,except Malahide , where it dropped to ‘only’ 3G.

Update (2): I have been told by 02 Customer service (Today, 7th December) that the cheque is ‘in the post’


  1. WOW that vodafone offering for 49euro!!!

    Anyway, if o2 say a cheque is in the post, I’d been inclined to believe them, although I’ve been bitten before, if not, go to the regulator, although I contacted them regarding my troubles with three, and my question has gone unanswered.

  2. John,

    To be fair to 02, I don’t think they have bad intentions.

    It’s just that they can’t get their act together to refund my money *after* they have already said that the money is on it’s way!


  3. Hi

    I can’t seem to find vodafones offer for broadbandre however it is definitly availbale from 3’s website?

    They are offering 3000MB for €39.99

    Has anyone tried it?

  4. Walk into any Vodafone shop and ask for a HSDPA card. I’d recommend buying in person, rather than online (see above post).

    While Vodafone’s service is ‘unlimited’, in practice you’re going to be hard pushed to exceed 3’s 3GB limit (and I suspect that Vodafone has some small print buried somewhere to cap the amount you can use).

    The only thing left to justify the difference is the network coverage. I don’t know what three’s data coverage is like , although friends tell me the voice can be a bit patchy at time.

    Vodafone’s data coverage is near broadband most of the way between Drogheda and Dublin on the train line, although the coverage at home (ironically , given that we live on top of a hill) can be patchy.

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