Mobile Blogging is Go!

Finally , after 6 attempts, we now have mobile data access up and running. Todays events unfolded as follows:

  • O2 refund cheque finally arrived at 9am this morning via Registered post.
  • Yours truly runs down to nearest Vodafone shop to get his sweaty paws on a Vodafone HSPDA / 3G card.

Surprisingly , given the travails of the last 6 attempts, it just works.


  1. HSDPA? Those cards are available now? Cool! I’ve still got the GRPS/3G card and imagine it will be quite some time before HSDPA is rolled out around here but would still be very interested in knowing what kind of speed you can achieve with it.

  2. James,

    I think there is a switch in the software that you get with the HSPDA card (you’ll know if you have this ,’4G’ card because it will say HSPDA on the box 🙂

    The speed is fairly impressive, almost broadband (i.e. good enough).

    Ironically the Slowest reception / speed is at home (especially since we live on top of a hill!). I’m looking at getting an extended aerial for the house.


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