The secret world of the Irish Blogger …

Now that I’ve get the mobile internet thing cracked, I find myself wandering around public areas, eyes downcast in the manner of somebody looking for change to get the last bus home.

Dublin Connelly

The reason is the effect of the battery life of the mobile internet (HSDPA) card. Before I got 3 hours plus out of my laptop (unless I was running Oracle on it , in which case I got about 20 minutes tops). With the card, it’s about 2 hours. This means that while (at a gasp) I can cover a train journey from Drogheda to Dublin and back again, any delay means that I’m looking for a power outlet. Hence the I’m-not-really-looking-for-loose-change situations.

Spatial Ireland have loads of Google Maps, but no mashup covering ‘free powerpoint locations that won’t blow your laptop’. While I may put together a Mashup (if the guys from DartMap can do it then so can I), here’s the list to kick start things.

  • Dublin Connolly train Station, in Oslo Coffee Bar near the ‘Bean and Gone’ coffee shop end. Currently blogging from here – signal good , but the coffee is woeful.
  • Irish Rail commuter trains, look for the single seats near the toilet – there’s a 50-50 chance of there being a plug there.

Anybody have others to add to the list?

Update: Vodafone should give me Sales commission. While trying to as discreet as possible (if that’s the word for a red card and lollipop aerial hanging out of your PC) 2 people spent about 5 minutes each asking where they could buy one. Just shows that Ireland Offline is right about the (unmet) demand for broadband.

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