Just who is Paul Browne, Digital Video Research?

Well, it’s not me. Despite my best efforts at blogging over 2 years (and a bit of Search Engine Optimization), a Google for ‘Paul Browne’ shows that I am only number 3 on the list. Even worse , the ‘Dr Paul Browne (PHD) DCU’ hasn’t been updated for 3 years. What do I need to do to get to number 1, get Twenty Major to take out a hit on this guy?
Paul Browne Search on Google

On a related note, Jason Kolb has a list of things to do to protect your online identity (good). John Breslin has a list of (bad things to avoid) and we’ve blogged about this notion of ‘blogs as the new CV‘ in that future employers will want to be checking out your blog (as a harder to fake version of your CV).

Update: As of Sept 2007, a Google Search for Paul Browne now shows this blog in No 1. position (unless Google are doing some fancy personalisation of searches. Next step will be to trademark (or even better find a way to Patent) the name and charge all the other Paul Browne’s for it use.


  1. I would set up an ‘About Me’ page and call it something like +http://www.firstpartners.net/blog/about-paul-browne

    On the page include all your bio info including the DCU stuff.

    As for the search results notice that the 2003 ppt doc contains your full name in the URL, while DCU bio page contains pbrowne. I’ll hazard a guess and say that a page here containing your full name in the URL and throughout the page (H1, text body, and a link to your DCU bio witht he anchor ‘Paul Browne’) will do the trick πŸ™‚

    Send me mail if you need any help (I was running a little offer of free help for the new year).


  2. Oops

    Just noticed that the DCU guy isn’t you 😦
    But also just noticed that I have no easy way to get to your homepage (ok, I can hit the banner, but a nice ‘Home’ link never goes amiss.

    Anyhows, set up an about me page and link to it from the main site with an anchor like ‘Paul Browne’s Blog’ in a few places.

    The DCU page is going to be far more trusted than your blog. Just a fact of life. But if you do some link building with your name as the anchor you should get the #1.

  3. I’ve been in a constant battle with the Conor O’Neill’s pub chain in the US for Google supremacy and I’ve only once pipped them to the top spot.

    Now I have some actor nipping at my heels. Not to mention all the links to Keanu Reeves playing me in “Hard Ball”.

  4. Richard,See what I mean about the DCU guy?! Thanks for tip about the Home Pages. I was using the ‘linked in’ one for that purpose, but while it’s good , it does nothing for the SEO.

    Conor, Once I get worldwide domination through being No.1. on the Google search I’ll send one of my Minions to help you out πŸ™‚ Going up against Keanu Reaves is a tough one.

    Stephen, 5 out of the top 10 ‘Stephen Downey’ links is pretty good. Now all we need is for google to release a product with a similar name for your page-views to go through the roof!

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