Irish Blog Awards and – A marriage made in Heaven?

Update: Gavin is up for this (see comments). Will Damien say yes? Screenshot (Kick this post)
Had a bit of inspiration about the Irish Blog Awards involving
Anyway, the idea is this. After the nominations for the Irish Blog Awards are finished, it goes through a first round of voting to shortlist the 5 top nominations in each category. It struck me that (something like) would be an ideal mechanism to do this.

In my ignorance this appears easy : just have a new subsite (like has been done before e.g. and allow people to vote (kick) a site but not add new links. only allows one kick per site. Top 5 scores in each category make the shortlist.

What’s in it for both sites?

  • get a lot of new traffic.
  • get an easier /slicker way to manage the shortlist.

So , Damien/ Gavin , Any thoughts / comments / suggestions?

Just to be clear , I have no connection with either site, apart from being 1 sponsor (as of the Irish blog awards, and a user of


  1. Damien says no. This year anyway.

    THe “public” vote doesn’t need you to register to vote so it is easier to vote.

    The vote doesn’t give you the number of votes each person is getting. I think this is good, some might disagree. Also it might be too humbling for some to only get 1 vote while someone in the same category gets 2000 votes.

    You don’t know who is voting for you. I think this is good too. Some dislike secret ballots but I do think it takes the pressure off and gives more freedom to choose.

    I’ll definitely consider it next time for the blog awards as well as my other Awards show as the nomination process and voting process needs to change due to the massive volumes encountered this year.

    If you can find workarounds for the issues I mentioned please let me know.

  2. Damien,

    That’s fair enough – your call on whether it suited or not for the Blog Awards

    I don’t know if Gavin has any other thoughts.


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