Bar room brawl forecast for the Irish Blog Awards …

Seems that both Michele and Tom will be at the Irish Blog Awards (but not the Barcamp in Waterford this Saturday). Tom’s not happy with his hosting. Make that Tom is very unhappy with the hosting. Will it all end in a barroom brawl in the basement of the Alexendar hotel?
My own opinion is that all hosting contracts, like politics, end in tears. I’ve sympathy with Tom , having recently been in a similar situation. In my case , I have nobody to blame but myself:

  • I should have backed up my files if they were that important to me.
  • You get what you pay for. In my case , I was on shared hosting for next to nothing. I was unhappy , but not surprised when it fell over.

Overall , I can understand , but I’m slightly disappointed with Tom. He’s the closest thing we have to an ‘A-List blogger’. With that power comes responsibility – I wouldn’t diss a companies hard-won reputation (even though they may deserve it) without thinking over ‘what could I have done better’)
Note, I don’t host with Blackknight and have no connection to them.


  1. Paul, what could I have done better? I had the files backed up and got the podcasts back up on another host (a professional podcast hosting service) in short order.

    By the way, there’ll be no violence at the awards (from me anyway!). I don’t agree with violence (and in any case Michele is bigger than me).

  2. I know the pain-it takes a while to rejig and reload heavy files like podcasts.

    I know the experience. Nothing gives me more comfort than knowing I’ve paid for three nines of reliability and will never be stopcocked for serving gigs of throughput. Both of those facilities cost more than my podcasts pay.

    Lessons learned all around.

  3. Pity. A bar fight would have made front page news :-). We could have a new award Category ‘best use of violence in the blogging community’

    If you have your files backed up and a move to a dedicated podcast service completed (which should have been done a while back given the size of your audience), then what’s the issue?

    Yes it’s annoying to ‘have’ to move hosting, but a lot of people would like to have the ‘too much traffic’ problem!

  4. If you have your files backed up and a move to a dedicated podcast service completed (which should have been done a while back given the size of your audience), then what’s the issue?

    The issue is the server went down weeks ago and I was unaware of it due to unfortunate family circumstances.

    There was no effort made by Blacknight to contact me to make me aware of the issue.

    When I did contact Blacknight to try to find out why my podcasts were no longer downloading, the response I received from Blacknight was appalling.

    This is a customer service issue, not a technical one. That’s why I titled my blog post Blacknight Customer Service gets worse.

  5. Tom,

    It’s no better nor worse than what I’d expect from any hosting provider. Only difference is that Michele is a lot more accessible than your average hosting company.

    I would tend to use a free service (such as to monitor the site in general. There are (paid for) services to more detailed alerts on specific areas of the site.(e.g. if downloads are failing). If the item is that valuable , you can pay people to do a part time sys admin (for your blog / application , not the server itself).

    I don’t think any of the above services are ‘standard’ with any web hosting (the ones that do offer them make a big noise about it), so I wouldn’t have presumed that Blacknight or anybody else would have offered them by default.


  6. At the entrance to the blog awards there will be a choice of two stickers.

    Tom’s Tyrants or Michele’s Mashers.

    Then, in the great tradition of travellers weddings those who attend can choose from a fish hook, planks with nails in them, bicycle chains and knuckle dusters.

    Once the awards are all given out there is to be a fight to the death. The team that kills all of the other team first wins.

    Damien told me.

  7. Paul,

    It’s no better nor worse than what I’d expect from any hosting provider.

    You are telling me that if your site disappeared and when you contacted the hosting company their response was dismissive and blaming you, you would find that satisfactory?

    Then your expectations of service are obviously extremely low.

    Personally if I am your customer and their is a service issue, I don’t want to hear who’s fault it is, I want to hear when it will be resolved.

  8. they wont fight,,, as they will be too busy drinking the drinks I buy them. BTW I want to DJ it! i did such a crap job DJing it last year, then I ruined the IIA NetVis awards night with my shite music, now I will DJ for free so the music will be shite and Munster Sound (great AV company in Cork) will repossess my IDJ mixer mid way through born slippy by underworld… 🙂

  9. So it’s all sorted then
    – Tom and Michele sort their differences on the night.
    – Damien can organise the stickers.
    – Twenty can compiere and provide a running commentary.
    – Brian can do the music.
    – Bernie can record it all as a podcast for download.

    Everybody happy? Well apart from Tom minus his podcasts and Michele with a black mark (rightly or wrongly) in the blogosphere.

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