Irish Blogger lynched on O'Reilly site for comparing Google Spreadsheets with Java

There are times when Web2, blogging , feedback from readers and the wisdom of crowds is great. And there are times that it’s extremely painful.

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Like this Blogpost I wrote over on the O’Reilly site. Do Google Spreadsheets mean the end of Java?

I expected some people to disagree with me , but at least disagree for good reasons. The key point, that Web 2, it’s applications (of which Google spreadsheets is only ) and their API’s will fundamentally change the way we solve business problems using IT has been lost in the knee-jerk reaction.
Copy of the blog post here.


  1. Hi Paul.

    Apologies if my post here offended you in any way. I just noticed now that you had published that article in the O´Reilly site, so I perfectly unnderstand the reaction after what I saw there.

    However, and wit no offense from my side. Frankly, you couldn´t expect other reaction but being lynched. It happens everytime. When you mix certain terms that are polemic per-se like Web 2.0, end of Java (as we know), google stack, and whatever other on fashion topic, that´s what you´re going to get. In my opinion, it will happen to you, to me, and to any other person that chooses a risky post. You must admit that even the title is in some way very provocative (and many people only read the title).

    So well, my apologies for putting this topic on the table, but I needed to apologize in some way because I never answer to hurt anyone.

  2. Martin,

    No problems. Compared to the other responses , yours was positively supportive 🙂 The only thing worse than getting talked about is not being talked about.

    Planning a follow up blogpost , both here and on O’Reilly – same topic , different angle. Currently what I’m trying to say isn’t getting past the web 2.0 / google / java filters that is giving the kneejerk reaction.


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