Technorati finally finds this blog

Finally , I notice that Technorati (the search engine for blogs as popular as Google is on the rest of the web) is indexing this blog and picking up posts. I’ve complained in the past about Technorati’s lack of indexing , and had premature anticipation when they indexed it as a one off.

Technoratic Logo

It’s currently picking up 939 links to this blog (ok, I’ve been blogging for more than 2 years , but when exactly did that happen?). While some of those are internal links , thanks to everybody who has linked here.

I’m still not sure if Technorati is picking up the outgoing links – can anybody confirm or deny this (from the ‘Dashboard’ view of your wordpress blog)

Update: 10 Minutes after writing this blog post , Technorati crashed. Is this a coincidence?


  1. Pat,

    I had a deeper look into the numbers and I’m not sure if they’re so impressive – that’s 900 links total (including internal links , which are about half the amount), rather than 900 blogs linking.

    Pity 😦


  2. Paul

    You should be able to see how many unique blogs link to you from your technorati profile.

    If you want to ensure that you are being picked up check your ping settings.

    As for your outbounds – I am getting them


  3. Michele,

    Thanks for confirming that people are getting the outbounds via Technorati.

    The ping settings have been ok for the last 19 months , but I think this blog disappeared into some blacklist, but had no response from technorati anytime I contacted them.


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