Race you to 100 Subscribers on Feedburner?

Update: Ok Ken ,congratulations on hitting 100 so soon – what are you having? Just noticed your ‘105 subscribers‘ post. Didn’t even get a chance to deploy my ‘secret weapon’.

At the risk of having to shell out for a 2nd Pint (that’s the marketing budget blown then), anybody up for ‘Biggest increase in subscribers’ (%) between now and the blog awards? Same rules – no gouging , no biting , no photoshopping or double subscribing but everything else is fair game?

Round 2 is now online here

Original:I’ve just noticed that Ken McGuire has about the same number of subscribers on Feedburner (he has 86, I have 83 – it’s the number on the top right hand side of the blog) with both numbers increasing gradually over the weeks. No doubt Ken has the same ‘mad-take-over-the-world’ ambitions as me , or a least has a target of getting these into three-digit figures as soon as possible.

So , I’m proposing a race. First to get to 100 subscribers on any given day wins. No biting , no eye-gouging , no photo-shopping, no double-subscribing but otherwise anything goes. Loser buys the winner a beer at the Irish Blog Awards.

Feedburner Logo

Anybody else feel like joining in? Same rules, but to make it fair , we may have to have some sort of handicap system for people with subscribers much higher or lower than us (i.e. we might need to give Tom Raftery a target of 1000).


  1. Its on like Donkey Kong! I do like a good pint of Heineken as well 🙂 Those figures are on a given day though, I’m gonna need to have a good blogging day (plus weekend approach is always slow!).

    I did notice last Sunday however that the counter said ’96’ 🙂

  2. Damien called me a blog whore recently cos I have three.

    Current stats:

    argolon.com: 104

    What’s depressing is the blog age:

    conoroneill.com: 6 years
    argolon.com: 1.5 years
    loudervoice.com: 4 months

    I doubt I’ll raise the LouderVoice stats enough by Blog Awards time unless I offer a prize to one of the next 68 people who subscribe. Would that be cheating?

  3. Conor,

    Are you in for a target of 50 for loudervoice.com?

    Given that (almost) anything goes, I think that it’s impossible to cheat 🙂 Bribery, coercion, blackmail – it’s all fair game.


  4. I’m was at 78 yesterday and it’s at 92 today, it will probably drop to 70 at the weekend – the stats seem to vary a bit from day to day. I think creating a new post and pinging pingomatic, technorati etc will give you a boost as they all come to see whats new – might be enough to push you to 100:)

  5. OK, James : you currently have 446 subscribers. We’ll put you down for 525? It’s pro rata but with your connections I’m might as well buy the drinks now 🙂

    Conor: It might be very close to biting or eye gouging, but getting quoted by Mr Arrington is (just about) legal.

  6. Robin,

    Is there any easy way to check your Feedburner Stats (can’t find the icon on your blog)?


    I’ve got to go on your number today (92). Think you you’re desperate enough to take 110 as a target (it’s just a slight bit easier than mine!)


  7. Tom,

    Worked it out again : 749 (your current score) / 83 *100 (the target I have to do) = 902.

    Call it 900 then? Hosting a TechCrunch Ireland would probably do the trick.


  8. Paul,

    When you migrate to Feedburner, all the rss sources in the site must point to Feedburner.

    Note that, if I click the Feedburner Icon at the top right hand corner, feedburner will compute my subscription and increase the number of readers.

    In the other hand, If I click the “+ add to Google” icon in the bottom, Feedburner will not notice my subscription because the link is not pointing to feedburner plug-in.

    Actually, you have to remove all those icons from the bottom and let people subscribe via feedburner icon, or redirect all those links to feedburner plug-in

  9. Richard,

    I’ll add you to the list for round 2. Do you have the ‘number of subs’ icon on your blog anywhere?

    Will probably take as a baseline you number of stats from next tuesday (takes out the weekend dip) ..


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