Free Drinks at the Irish Blog Awards

Final Results for Round 2 of this challenge are now here.

In a recent challenge , Ken McGuire crushed all opposition by reaching 100 subscribers on Feedburner before anybody else could roll out a shameless self publicity campaign.

So , to give everybody a chance, we’re going for another round. You can join in at any point (leave a comment below to get included).

The rules are simple : The person who gets the biggest % increase in FeedBurner subscribers (that’s the number on the top right of the blog) between now and the Irish Blog Awards wins. Prize is a pint. And yes, all is fair in Love, War and trying to up your Blog numbers.

To subscribe to this blog (we really can’t afford to lose twice in a row, the price of drink in Dublin being so high), click on the Orange XML icon on the top right of this page. If you’re not automatically asked to subscribe , you may want to sign up to a service such as Bloglines. Subscribing means that you’ll automatically be updated on who is in the lead.

Due to popular demand (and the fact Damien will have 17 Squintillion subscribers before next Tuesday) we’ll probably have a round 3 after this one. If you want in , leave a comment. Remember, it’s all about the percent increase, so it’s an advantage to start small.

And the Contenders are …

Blog Start Current
Ken McGuire Creative Imaginations 103 Ken Feedburner Stat
Conor O’Neill- Louder Voice
44 Conor Louder voice stats
Aidan Finn 84 AidenF
  James Corbett – Eirepreneur 480 James Corbett Feed
Robin Blandford – ByteSurgery 42 Robin Blandford Feed
Tom Raftery – IT views 751 Tom Raftery Feed
Paul Browne – Technology in Plain English 96
  Richard Hearne – Red Cardinal 85 Richard Hearne Blog
Thomas Holmes – YClickIt 113 Thomas Feedburner
Eoghan McCage – Naive by Design 35 Feedburner
  Damien Mulley – Blog AwardsHonorary Lifetime Member –
1200% increase in first 24 hours
  Damian O’Broin- Ask Direct 23

Older News1):The most Recent entrant is Richard Hearne of Red Cardinal. With the SEO Ninja tricks this man has up his sleeve, he’s going to be a fairly strong contender.2): Mon Dieu! Thomas Holmes has entered. Almost certain to use a 2 language blogging strategy to take the title, how will the other competitors react?3): Eoghan is in. Damien and Damian may be in. Are there going to be any other last minute entries?

4) In a shock last minute move:

Damien Mulley forgoes his 400+ base and opts to start again with the Irish Blog Awards feed (6 readers). Rumour has it that we may as well buy the man a pint now, while the rest of us scrap it out for second place (prize – diet coke with ice). We did say almost anything was fair game … šŸ™‚

5) In another shock first day wipeout: Damien Mulley has increased his total by 1200% using a little known site called the Irish Blog Awards. I’ll check the small change down the back of the sofa , buy Damien the pint, and the rest of us mere mortals can continue on to see who gets pint number 3.


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  2. Conor O'Neill · February 5, 2007

    Hey Paul, can you use my LouderVoice one for the competition? It’s a bigger challenge!

  3. Ken McGuire · February 5, 2007

    Gonna have to roll up my SEO tricks so, have a serious sit down with the blog and plan out a few things. I’ve already got a pint for the right hand, just need one for the left hand now šŸ™‚

  4. Ken McGuire · February 5, 2007

    I meant to say sleeves there… how does one roll up a trick? Might launch an affiliate campaign – mouthfulls of beer on offer or something…

  5. admin · February 5, 2007

    Conor – Blog changed to Louder Voice. Nice trick , starting from a low base to get a bigger % increase.

    Ken – I wouldn’t be too sure about getting a 2nd beer out of me. I see you’re back down to 88 today šŸ˜¦


  6. Ken McGuire · February 5, 2007

    Ah its that ole weekend slump, easing back into the week. Give it time Obi Wan!

  7. Richard Hearne · February 5, 2007

    I only need to know one thing – the exact day and time that the subscription count will be taken. And as long as this contest is only based on the start and end figures (nothing in between) I’m going to have some fun šŸ™‚

  8. admin · February 5, 2007


    I will probably take Tuesday’s figures for you (to avoid getting a false low after the weekend).

    Do you have a photo that I can use in the table above?

    I think you’re toying with us , making us think we have a chance of catching you!


  9. admin · February 5, 2007

    Not sure yet how best to do the end figure – any ideas?


  10. Richard Hearne · February 5, 2007

    How about we all provide our ticker code to you, you put them on this page, take a screen shot tomorrow and then work against this when you take the final tally.

    But I still need a set time to prepare my strategy… šŸ˜€

  11. admin · February 5, 2007


    If we can do the ‘auto updates’ (using the same piece of code that gives the ‘number of subs’ on your blog , that would be sweet!


  12. Richard Hearne · February 5, 2007

    If that works then I cant see why everyone cant just place their feed details next to their name on this page. Just take a screenshot tomorrow as the reference.

  13. Richard Hearne · February 5, 2007

    Right I pasted in my code but it didn’t make it. Trying now by wrapping in element:

  14. admin · February 5, 2007


    If you stick the FeedBurner icon somewhere on your site, I should be able to pick it up like I did for everybody else.

    Doing a ‘reset’ from the figures tomorrow is probably fairest (esp to Aidan who got a surge at the wrong time).


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  16. Thomas Holmes · February 5, 2007

    hey Paul,

    I’m in!

    We just hit 100 subscribers on Friday! Pretty chuffed about that!

    I don’t have the feedburner graphic on the site at the moment but I can probably email it to you!

  17. admin · February 5, 2007


    Will add you over the next couple of minutes.

    Feedburner have a little wizard that generates the icon / code to include on your web page. Probably best to put it somewhere on your blog (either a post , or the main template), I can then pick it up from there.


  18. Ken McGuire · February 5, 2007

    Thats pretty cool, nice addition on the feedburner chicklets. Have a nice little trick up my sleeve already šŸ™‚

  19. Eoghan McCabe · February 5, 2007

    OK, let’s go! I want in. My puny start should give me an advantage. I’ve put the counter in the footer of my blog. I’m unsubscribing from all you losers! šŸ˜‰

  20. admin · February 6, 2007


    I’ll add you sometime during the day.


    Your numbers are down. I sense some Ninja SEO tricks are going on šŸ™‚


  21. Richard Hearne · February 6, 2007

    Nothing doing I’m afraid. It’s just normal after you get a spate of social network visitors. I had 1.7k visitors over Saturday and Sunday.

    TBH it would be very low to artificially deflate your start numbers. Easy to do, but very low.

  22. admin · February 6, 2007


    No worries – I’ve the opposite problem – numbers are high today due to a premature ‘surge’ in feed readers (social networks again).

    Still , 96 is as high as we’ve ever been.


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  24. Damien Mulley · February 6, 2007

    Stick me down for the blog awards. Currently at 6 subscribers.

  25. Richard Hearne · February 6, 2007

    The competition just ‘hotted up’. I’d be surprised if the largest % increase wasn’t seen by Expect lots of natural traffic, most especially when voting starts.

    Perhaps Damien will will an award on the night šŸ˜€

  26. Damien Mulley · February 6, 2007

    I had never considered that. *shifty eyes*

  27. Damian O'Broin · February 6, 2007

    OK then, sign me up! How do I join?

    Although my 23 subscribers (my highest ever, btw) looks terribly puny next to all you giants of blogland

  28. admin · February 6, 2007


    Table updated with Today’s feedburner numbers (Thomas I can’t see yours , maybe I’m just missing it).

    If Damien happens to win (say, because he may be planning a massive event in early March that none of us know about yet) I’ll find a way to keep it interesting.


  29. Ken McGuire · February 6, 2007

    Starting from 103 eh? Nuts, thats putting it up to me anyway! The gloves are off in this one I tell thee…

  30. Eoghan McCabe · February 6, 2007

    It’s on! I seem to be off to a dodgy start though: my name links to Thomas!

  31. Richard Hearne · February 7, 2007

    Oh, just buy Damien the drink would you. He’s gone from 6 to 76 in under 24 hours.

    It’s going to take something really sneaky to beat the awards feed… *goes to digg out spell book*

  32. admin · February 7, 2007

    @ Eoghan ; Link Fixed.
    @ Damien – what are you having?
    @ Richard – looks like I’ll have to stump up for pint number 3!

  33. Robin Blandford · February 7, 2007

    wahoo – 50% increase overnight šŸ™‚

  34. admin · February 7, 2007

    @Robin – how did you manage that one?

  35. Robin Blandford · February 7, 2007

    no idea Paul. I’m presuming it’ll be back down tomorrow!!

  36. Thomas Holmes · February 7, 2007


    Mine is at:

    As for the dual language strategy – yep i’m betting on my bilingual blog!

    Grrr, should have submitted at the weekend – now up to 113! On the other hand, cool!

  37. admin · February 7, 2007

    @Thomas – feed icon updated
    @Robin – I’d expect you to say that. You just don’t want to share trade secrets with the rest of us šŸ™‚

  38. Damian O'Broin · February 7, 2007

    woo hoo! I’ve smashed my previous record with 27! Watch out boys, I closing fast šŸ˜‰

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  40. Richard Hearne · February 7, 2007

    Holy crap. Eoghan really wants that pint. I was actually thinking of doing something similar.

    But I was thinking of putting a golden ticket into a unique feed. Cant figure a way to do this with technorati though.

    This seems to be getting a bit more serious methinks :mrgreen:

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  42. admin · February 7, 2007

    @Eoghan for Eur2000 of Web design I’ll gladly hack your ‘number of subscribers’ image above to whatever number you want šŸ™‚

  43. Richard Hearne · February 7, 2007

    This could get dirty you know.

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  45. Damien Mulley · February 7, 2007

    @Richard – Hopefully

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  47. Gavin · February 8, 2007

    One question!

    What are the rules? šŸ˜‰

  48. admin · February 8, 2007


    Rules are: No biting , no eye-gouging , no photo-shopping, no double-subscribing but otherwise anything goes.

    You in for the next round?


  49. Richard Hearne · February 8, 2007

    I think the ‘rules’ went out the window a while ago. Sure, I don’t even know how we decide the winner.

    But one thing I do know, if we make a couple more comments here the central div might actually extend beyond Paul’s side bar :mrgreen:

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  52. JC Skinner · February 8, 2007

    Sign me up, mate! With a measly six or seven subscribers (on a good day) I expect that by simply pointing a gun at the head of my extended family, I should be able to romp home here!

  53. Gavin · February 8, 2007

    I’m sure that pint is mines although Richard will need to be dealt with accordingly.

    Once I get my feed burner fully functional I’ll submit my site with zero subscribers, yes I am confident.

  54. Thomas Holmes · February 8, 2007

    Yeah, this whole percentage increase thing really isn’t the greatest measure…

    For Tom to increase his subscribers at the same rate as Damien has done in the last two days he would need 9400 subscribers.

    Not that it isn’t possible! šŸ™‚

  55. admin · February 8, 2007

    JC , Gavin : I’ll include you in the next round. Easiest thing is to stick the feedburner icon on your blog and I’ll pick it up from there.

    Thomas: Yes %age increase is a bit dodgy. I’m open to suggestions on how to measure round (pint) 3.

  56. Thomas Holmes · February 8, 2007

    Well I missed why you aren’t using just the raw increase in subscribers.

    You could use raw subscribers and factor in %increase in some way.

    i.e. starting out with a larger subscriber base makes it easier to increase raw subscribers through your existing subscriber network. So factor this in, in some way that balances out the chances of winning for the blogs with lower subscriber figures.

    jeez my maths hat is pretty dusty these days… šŸ™‚

  57. Eoghan McCabe · February 8, 2007

    Richard: “Holy crap. Eoghan really wants that pint.”

    Not really, I’m just over-competitive. It’s a little problem I have. But if I do win the pint, I’ll enjoy knowing it cost me 2 grand!

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  59. theresa daly · February 8, 2007

    Been out of the ring lately but this looks interesting. Lots of luck

  60. Phil · February 9, 2007

    This sounds like fun – count me in šŸ™‚

  61. admin · February 9, 2007

    Glad to see almost everybody’s numbers are up. I have a plan for this. After all, we’re not really in this for the pint (shock ! horror!).

    @Thomas – I’m trying to keep the number really simple, yet fair. Maybe next time we can do ‘bigest spike in google visitors’ , although we’ll have to trust each other on that one.

    @Phil – I’ll include you in the next round.

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  64. Damian O'Broin · February 11, 2007

    Hmmm. 50% increase on Friday and now a 30% drop. This is going to be interesting…

  65. admin · February 12, 2007

    6 Days gone … and most people’s feeds are *down* on last week. Ok, it’s Monday so things will pick up. We’ll wrap up this round tomorrow (as Damien pretty much has it in the bag)

    There is an alternative to Beer on offer for Round 3. Any suggestions on how to award the (to be revealed) prize to be fair to everyone? Thomas has suggested %age *and* absolute increase. I’m thinking of ‘craziest offer to increase stats ‘(e.g. Richard and Eoghan). What do people think?

    Will probably kick round 3 off towards the end of the week.

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  68. Richard Hearne · February 16, 2007

    Everyone can expect a fairly big jump in their numbers over the weekend. Google will now provide feeder numbers for both Google Reader and Google Homepage subscribers.

    Previously this only showed up as a single aggregate reader. You will now see the total figure šŸ™‚

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