500 Irish Bloggers – Will the Irish Blogosphere be banned by Technorati?

You may have heard about the 2000 Bloggers project hosted by Tino Buntic. You may have even got your photo included among the 2000. And you may have pulled the links when Technorati complained about what was going on.

What Technorati (and to some extent Google) didn’t like was this as an attempt to game the system – loads of blogs , with little or nothing in common, all linking to each other and in process seeing a massive increase in their Technorati and Google rankings. Given that 2000 bloggers included photos and nothing else, what’s the difference between this and a sophisticated link farm? Better said on ‘I don’t deserve this Technorati rank and you don’t either‘.

If you’re one of the people nominated for the Irish Blog Awards You’ve probably seen a lot of incoming links from people who have taken the original IBA Nominee List (by Jason Roe) and posted it on their blogs. Over the past couple of days, I’ve seen about 20 links come my way via this method. Out of curiosity, I’d tend to visit people linking to me in this way.

Is this the same idea as 2000 bloggers, an attempt to game the Google / Technorati pagerank system? Will all 500 of us be blacklisted by Google? I don’t think so.

The difference between this and the 2000 Bloggers is:

  • All the links have a connection (they’re Irish Bloggers, or bloggers with some connection to Ireland).
  • More information is provided on the links – not just a photo , but what they blog about.
  • There is a quality screening going on (i.e. you have to be nominated) not just first come first served.

Just to prove the point, the list of nominees is below. And if you haven’t voted already, drop over and vote for us (FirstPartners.net / Technology in Plain English).

Best Designed Blog

Best Blog

Best Use of the Irish Language in a Blog

Best Political Blog

Best Group Blog

Best Contribution to the Irish Bloggersphere

Best News/Current Affairs Blog

Most Humorous Post

Best Newcomer

Best Blog Post

Best Arts and Culture Blog

Best Personal Blog

Best Sport & Recreation Blog

Best Photo Blog

Best Specialist Blog

Best Music Blog

Best Podcaster

Best Podcast


  1. I can tell you that if everyone does publish the exact same list we will soon look like a link farm. Whether justified or not, it would give the wrong signal to the SEs. I doubt it would result in any penalty, but it wont help either.

  2. Ken

    Very unlikely to have much affect. the fact that the page contains 500 links means that the pagerank will be divided between all of those links.

    An if all 500 sites published the links we would be flagged for sure.


  3. Donncha: Until now I was thinking that it was a masterstroke of SEO to get involved with WordPress 🙂

    Richard: Don’t know whether to be disappointed or relieved. I’m sure Google will handle it well, but what about Technorati? Was reading between the lines about the 2000 bloggers story, and I’m not sure how sophisticated their rating mechanism is. There again, I don’t think they are as important as they were 12 months back (or could just wishful thinking, due to the problems I’ve had with them).

    Ken: I had intended to do a version of this around our pints competition, but it seemed quite lame compared to Richards / Eoghans offers.

    Me, I’m off to look at another 20 blogs ….


  4. @Donncha – that’s fairly normal for Google. They often turn off the juice from very obvious sites like WordPress default install. BTW you’re not banned or filtered. Just not receiving any benefit from the default links. Try searching Google with either the ‘site:ocaoimh.ie’ operator or try searching for ‘ocaoimh.ie’ (both without the quotes). You come back #1 for a search on your domain, which is a dead giveaway for a ban/penalty.

    @Paul – I’m not sure whether Technorati filter manually. It would all boil down to a the concept of intent – were the linking sites trying to affect the rankings? In this case definitely not. Even if it was flagged, as soon as someone checks the links they’ll see the reason. *fingers crossed* (my technorati rank has jumped about 30000 places in the last week or two :mrgreen:)

  5. Richard – I’m confused, shouldn’t Google return hits from my blog using the site: operator anyway? Doing a similar search using site:blacknight.ie brings up the blacknight.ie site only..

    I should have mentioned, it’s Technorati who have banned or filtered all the default WP install links.. Sorry. I must ask Matt about that, he can probably find out a bit more about it.

  6. Donncha – if you were under a 30/60/90 day penalty your site would actually be pulled from the index.

    There are other penalties, and basically if you don’t come back #1 for the search ‘yourdomain.com’ (no www) you should be worried.

  7. It’s ridiculous if Technorati can be gamed as easily as that!

    Most search engines take into account how many links there are on a page. With 2000+ links on one page there isn’t much chance of getting click-throughs. And therefore the value of such a link is pretty darn low.

    Certainly this has been the case for me. I’m one of the 2000 bloggers. I’ve seen the links building up day by day. But apart from a click or two from the original site, I haven’t had any click-throughs.

    Maybe it’s my photo. Not female and not sexy enough! 🙂

    Personally I thought it was quite a good idea though. The links are all related – they are all bloggers. I like the idea of creating the book cover with the images too.

    But come on technorati, get with the program!

  8. Thomas,

    Like they say on their own blog , Technorati is a startup with only 40 people, so I wouldn’t expect them to be of a Google level of quality when it comes to the algorithms.


  9. They won’t be banned, but I’d be careful about posting so many links in one post … it’s a good way to get temporarily throttled by Google (unless you don’t get many hits from Google, in which case it probably doesn’t matter much to you).

    BTW – nice blog! Just stumbled on it while looking for Feedburner icons.

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