I've just been propositioned by Granny Mar …

I was on the train home this evening. Sitting opposite me was an elderly lady. I saw her give me funny looks as I worked away on the Laptop. Just before I got off the train at Drogheda, she turned and asked me (in the sort of low voice normally used when trying to purchase  hard drugs):

Tell me. Do ye skype?

That’s it. Voip is definately mainstream. And Grandad‘s wife is probably on the lose.


  1. My Da can’t change a plug on a kettle but he Skypes all the time. I think it is the “free” bit that convinced him.

    He now has several other retired buddies he communicates with regularly using it whether those guys are in Ireland, Spain or Croatia!

    I think it is as mainstream as ryanair.com (which is the only web-site he will use).

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