FeedBurner is toying with me

Not that size and / or stats is everything, but the FeedBurner stat counter has been stuck at 199 or so for the last couple of days. I think they are toying with me.
TIPE - 199

Or maybe there really are only 199 people out there that want to hear about Enterprise, Technology and have some relation to Ireland.


  1. Bernie Goldbach · April 25, 2007

    If your seven day and 30 day high number is within 15% of the current number of reported readers, I think you’re seeing the correct picture.

    Feedburner’s Rick Klau discussed some of the intricacies of the algorithm in a conversation with Conn O Muineachain on a recent podcast found when you Google for “defining Feedburner”.

  2. admin · April 25, 2007


    Thanks for the explanation. I prefer the conspiracy theory myself 🙂


  3. James Taylor · April 25, 2007

    I don’t know about you but mine varies a lot weekday v weekend so Monday is always a bad day to check it!

  4. admin · April 25, 2007


    Normally the numbers bounce up and down , but they’ve been fairly steady for the last week.

    More of a throwaway comment as the numbers are useful , but I’m trying to wean myself from my addiction to them!


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