FeedBurner is toying with me

Not that size and / or stats is everything, but the FeedBurner stat counter has been stuck at 199 or so for the last couple of days. I think they are toying with me.
TIPE - 199

Or maybe there really are only 199 people out there that want to hear about Enterprise, Technology and have some relation to Ireland.


  1. If your seven day and 30 day high number is within 15% of the current number of reported readers, I think you’re seeing the correct picture.

    Feedburner’s Rick Klau discussed some of the intricacies of the algorithm in a conversation with Conn O Muineachain on a recent podcast found when you Google for “defining Feedburner”.

  2. James,

    Normally the numbers bounce up and down , but they’ve been fairly steady for the last week.

    More of a throwaway comment as the numbers are useful , but I’m trying to wean myself from my addiction to them!


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