Outpouring of talent from Ireland (and property crash to follow)?

I’ve been lucky enough on my travels to work with many different people of many different nationalities. Coming back to Dublin, it’s been good learning from the best of other countries, instead of Irish people having to take their talents elsewhere.
That’s the good bit. Here’s the bad bit.

Mackozer (Ireland from a Polish Perspective) reminded me of something that I’d forgotten : until now, Ireland  and the UK  were the only  EU -15 states to have no work permit restrictions for new talent.  That ends today when  the  Netherlands opens up , with other countries  (including Germany)  will be ready and waiting to take the people that we’ve been having an easy time attracting / keeping over the last couple of years.

Bad enough not being able to find good people. Worse still is the vicious circle of people leaving the country , leading to lower rental demand for property, leading to lower demand for people , more leave the country (as listed in RTE’s future shock, property crash). Or am I being too melodramatic?


  1. Hi!

    Poles are still not allowed to work full time in Germany, I mean to have all residential rights. Despite of that, it is the country with the biggest Polish community outside Poland, but still in Europe (the biggest ever Polish emigrant community is in USA).

    Ireland is on the 3d place on the list of European countries – targets of Polish emigration (1. Germany, 2. UK, 3. Ireland).

    I expect that the number of Poles in the Netherlands will rise instantly to 100.000 or more. It is closer to Poland after all.

    Is mise

  2. Irish wages are the second highest in the Eurozone (though that may be after tax – the tax level is the lowest) & the government can always issue Visas to non-EU citizens if neccessary. But, less Software Engineers competing for more jobs means higher salaries!

  3. John,

    It’s a delicate balance : less software engineers also = less companies like Google coming to dublin.


    It will be interesting to see what happens. My impression of the Irish experience was that visa / no visa didn’t make Irish people leave the US in large numbers, it was more when opportunites improved at home that they decided to leave.


  4. I didn’t mean that the opening the Dutch labour market would cause decreasing of the number of Poles in Ireland.

    It will rather affect the destination of the future Polish migration.

    Most of the Poles in Ireland are well settled, so they rather won’t be interested in moving to the Netherlands.

  5. MacKozer,

    I think the finely balanced nature of the Irish property market means that even the smallest change could tip it one way or the other 🙂


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