Is somebody trying to knock down your Blog?

You may have noticed that this blog has been up and down over the last couple of weeks.

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After much tuning and investigation (thanks to the guys at Rimu Hosting for your help) it turns out that (one of) the problems has been a flood of automated comments hitting the site in an aid to boost their google rankings. This wordpress referrer bounce plugin should solve the problem.

Update: Direct download link (it’s a bit hard to find on the site).


  1. The trouble is that I couldn’t enter your site via Google. Instead I bounced back into search results. This was kinda weird, but after seeing this post I understood why.

  2. Samik,

    The problem was that that there was a large volume of spam comments – these were (correctly) rejected by WordPress / Askimet , but the processing power needed to do so caused the blog to fall over.

    The new plugin reject all comments from a set number of sites straight away – saves on processing power and keeps the site running.


  3. Yes, I see, and agree with the fight against spammers (I’m involved with it too).

    But I thought that you might like to know that the plugin seems to prevent entering the site via Google search results. Even reading the blog is impossible because every click bounced me back to the search results.

    I was able to enter the site by writing the url of your front page manually to my browser and navigating from there onwards.

  4. Samik,

    Can you try again – I had accidentally added to the banned list.

    I appreciate you letting me know about this issue.

    Thanks again.


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