Irish Business Networking – – better than OpenCoffee, Barcamp or BNI?

Derek Organ left me a comment about the new Investnet site. Investnet run the successful (offline, Dublin based) Wireless Wednesday and First Tuesday networking events. In terms of cold financial payback, the latter is the most successful IT-Business networking event(s) that I’ve taken part in. Now all these networks are available online, in a Facebook / LinkedIn style site.

Good to see an Irish Organisation ‘get’ the networking possibilities that Web2.0 brings.

InvestNet Ireland Logo
Also came up in conversation at Barcamp BelfastBusiness Networking International (BNI). Great if you do lots of little sales – e.g. Accountants, Solicitors, IT shops , as the aim is do to cross referrals between close, but not competing , companies.

I’ll (finally) get to OpenCoffee Dublin tomorrow (Thurs 5th July). Will it be better for networking than Investnet, Barcamp or BNI?


  1. I can’t speak for Investnet (I’m going to go check it out now), but OpenCoffee will definitely be less expensive and more fun than BNI, and less formal than Barcamp (if that’s possible).

    I don’t like looking on the networking events so much as a “where’s my referrals?” exercise like BNI tends to be.

    I thinking networking in the Irish tech arena is as much about getting to know people, demonstrating your expertise without pitching too hard, and discussing and brainstorming with people on a similar wavelength to your own. If sales come because people think you know your stuff, all the better.

  2. Alastair,

    If you’re in BNI’s sweet spot it can work very well. For bigger / lumpier sales (i.e. one big sale every so often) like consultancy it doesn’t work too well.

    Perhaps an idea to set up a version of BNI , but modified for consultants

    1)meet monthly, instead of weekly
    2)be active in passing on referrals
    3)same BNI idea of close companies, but not competitors.

    Thanks for the LinkedIn connection.


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