How to make your Nokia 770 think it's a Nokia 800 (OS 2007 upgrade)

If you read the comments on the Nokia 770 Review – mobile internet without holding a PDA brick to your ear, you’ll see that the following themes pop out:

– The need for a full browser : the default one (Opera mobile) doesn’t play well with Ajax, so you’re hoping that there is a functional HTML only website version available (e.g. there is for Google mail , but for a lot of other websites you’re sunk). Big problem for James.

– Skype rather than just plain VOIP for free telephone calls. Yes , I know it’s feeding the corporate monster, but it’s the one that I happen to use.

– A general feeling of being slow /being left in a Cul de Sac: Not a problem for me , but Ken is reporting that it has been discontinued.

Nokia Internet Tablet n800

Upgrading to the latest version of software (Nokia OS 2007) should solve the problems to a greater or lesser degree. It gives you a Skype client. It allows you to run a Firefox based browser. It gives you more choice of programs , both commercial and open source. Problem is that it isn’t officially possible.

Some details of how to do the upgrade are at . Remember , it’s called hacker edition for a reason. While I don’t think you’ll lose the information on your flashcard, don’t quote me on that. Basically, you download the unsuported version from then use the standard PC based installer to transfer it to your Nokia 770. Et Voila! It thinks it’s an Nokia 800. I’m still playing with it , so don’t be surprised if there is another post in 10 mins cursing it …. initial impression is that it runs (noticably) faster.

Best option is to be like Elly and marry your Linux tech support.


  1. James,

    I’m going to row back a bit on the enthusiasm of this post: the upgrade is fine, but it doesn’t do all the things I thought it would do.

    – Firefox upgrade didn’t work due to missing packages. I’m sure I can sort this , but it means it’s no longer a just-download-it-and-it-works.

    – Skype / Flash client support is only with the *very* latest OS 2007 , not the one available for this particular model. Again, can probably get it working, but firmly in the technie arena (not mainstream).

    Interesting note is that the upgrade *does* give you better access to google maps.

    So I’m happy with the Nokia, as it does the basic browsing that I wanted for the 100 euro price tag. Not sure where this leaves you πŸ™‚


  2. Mmm, sounds interesting. Will give it a go.
    Doe you know if it’s possible to flash OS 2006 back on to it later?


    P.S. Funny to read on your blog that you’re a Phil & Ted fan. I’m the person “responsible” for introducing them to Ireland first in ’98-’99…

  3. Evert,

    Yes , you can flash the Nokia back to 2006 ; the process for any upgrade / downgrade is (a) save your bookmarks / contacts to the Memory card (b) wipe and install the OS 2006/2007 with the handy wizard provided.

    How come you didn’t grab onto the Phil & Ted Franchise?


  4. I actually secured the sole agency rights for them in ’98. Did a few tarde shows and hawked them to the lenght and width of the country. Got a good few orders but all logistic were run through a Dutch company. Absolute nightmare to deal with. Had a lot of other stuff going on so moved on. Still have our first P&T that has served us well.

  5. They are clearing these out in the states now for 138 bucks so I had to get one. I must say it is by far the best handheld device I have used to date. The OS is robust and has now turned my eye down the ix road to computing.

    In five minutes after opening the box I was listening to streaming music, checking my OWA account (outlook web access) and playing a game of chess, it was so easy that my mother could do it!

    I love this thing!

  6. I would love to see a tool to backup the contents of the os and changes that you made. Think Norton ghost etc. I have yet to get an answer on this front. I want to try the new os but if it doesn’t work I want to be able to do a restore with all my hacks and instals in tact.

  7. CJ,

    It’s Linux based, and other people have had success in installing a shell on it. It shouldn’t be too hard to do a file based backup of the thing.

    What you do get ‘out of the box’ is a backup of personal data – contacts, bookmarks etc.

    Rather than backup the entire machine, I tend to view it as a chance to clean and install only the plugins and tools that I *really* need.


  8. THat is missing my point. I don’t want to redo my work.
    I want to be able to take an image of the internal memory so i can reflash it back to what i started with if things don’t go well.
    File copy wont get the root file system etc i don’t think.

  9. If file copy isn’t what you’re after , then no doubt there is another linux based solution that works on the console.

    A bit of digging around the site might help you.


  10. Have just bought a N770 and it has the most uptodate software as per Nokia’s website, but still just Flash 6, so doesn’t play Youtube videos. The N800 has Flash 7, so does play Youtube videos. Does anyone know, please, if there is any means of just upgrading from Flash 6 to Flash 7 without substituting the ‘hacked’ 2007 O/S mentioned here? I have also read that you can ‘flash upgrade’ the N770 to make it support 2gb memory cards -does anyone know how that’s done please?

  11. Tony,

    The ‘default’ 0S2006 that comes with the 770 is still Linux based, so it *should* be something that you can upgrade Flash on without having to upgrade the entire OS.

    I took that latter route, so it’s not something that I have much info on … πŸ™‚


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