No Dublin Office but need a Dublin Number? Skype In will do nicely

We’ve got two problems.

  1. We’re Drogheda based and so have an 041 instead of an 01 number. People still have a hangup about calling out of their area code (maybe goes back to the old Dept of Posts and Telegraph Days, if you’re old enough to remember the old Orange Renault 4 Vans).
  2. We’re often out of the office (doing important consultant-y things on client sites).

Skype Logo

We could use a Virtual Office, but that would be overkill most of the time. Instead we use SkypeIn, which has given us a London number for over a year now (+44 2081 23 2081) for just over 30 Euro. Conor reported today that SkypeIn finally has Dublin numbers available. So after signing up, our new Dublin office is (+353) 01 44 33 123.

We’re fairly open about who we are and what we do (hence this blog post) ; but a lot of people find it reassuring / convenient to be able to use these numbers instead of a mobile.

Update: John Ward makes an important point about the geographic restrictions on the users of these Dublin numbers, and probably (re) started a discussion on ‘what is a Dub?’ (See comments)


  1. Paul,
    While I realise this happens all the time, did you know your breaching the terms of signup.

    “I acknowledge the numbers are to be allocated only to residents of the appropriate area (e.g. Dublin numbers to Dublin residents) and that I can allocate maximum two numbers to each user. I agree to follow such rules and acknowledge that breach of rules may result to suspension of numbers without further notice.”


  2. John,

    It’s a good point but I think there is a good argument for Drogheda being considered part of the Dublin Area.

    (a) of all the number options available, Dublin is the Best fit – there are no (04x) Codes.

    (b) Drogheda is probably best defined as a Dublin Suburb – not only by Irish Rail but by the hundreds of Dubs that live there (that come out of the woodwork only for all-Irelands) but by the 5000 or so people that commute from Drogheda to Dublin everyday.

    I double checked, and there is no such restriction on the UK Skype In numbers.

    If I didn’t consider my Skype usage above board, I would be unlikely to publicise it in a blogpost 🙂 . However, users ‘down the country’ and not in the suburbs should take note of the restriction before signing up.


  3. Paul,

    Talk to Pat Phelan in Cubic. Their Maxroam service will give you a mobile number as well as landline numbers in various countries including Ireland. I’m testing the Cubic phone and have a Dublin landline number terminating to my phone.

  4. Evert,

    I saw what Pat was doing , but I understood that you needed a dedicated SIM (and hence 2nd phone) to avail of that service.

    Or maybe I have it all wrong.


  5. Hi,i’m trying my best to get my head round the skype technology.basically i have a mobile fone for personal use but would like to get a ‘landline’ number, so that family can call me cheaply and so i can call my boyfriend who lives abroad, which at the moment is very expensive..
    i have a pc, and i use skype through this medium currently to contact and call people abroad for next to nothing.. and i have a wireless router..

    couple of quesions, and sorry for butting in on this it possible to get a skype phone with a dublin number that people can ring from round the country, and still only pay normal landline, dublin costs (i.e. some people have free/cheap calls with eircom after hours etc can this still be used if ringing my phone?) and also can i buy a skype fone for my boyfriend so that he can do same? or even if he can use the phone through the pc he does not have to have a number, and can he type in to this phone like ‘chat skype’ if it’s not possible for him to talk,i.e. late at night when flatmates sleeping etc..?? sorry for the long query.. thanks for any suggestions. julie

  6. Julie,

    What you need is SkypeIn – it gives you a choice of Dublin / Irish / UK numbers so that people call you from normal phones.

    – If you are online, the call comes through to your PC like normal skype

    – If you are not online, you can redirect all skype calls to another number / mobile. You pay the cost of the redirection (about 10c / min to a mobile).

    Call quality is ok, it can take a couple of extra rings before the connection is made, but for people that call you often it’s worth it.


  7. thankyou very much for such a quick response…, so people can call me for normal landline rates then? if i have that number set up. is there a charge then for the number ? and how do i go about it.
    and my bf lives in cape town, is it possible for him to do same? or at least can we both get a phone that u can ‘text’ from if u cant call? as in go on the skype chat box and talk that way.
    sorry to be a nuisance.. i’m a bit blonde !

  8. Julie,

    Best place to find out more is

    Two ways of setting it up are:
    1) If most of your calls are from South Africa, get a SA Skype number. Point it to your Skype account / PC in Ireland.

    Number IN costs about 30-40 Euro, plusthe cost of the call if you chose to forward *from* skype to your phone / mobile.

    2) Cheapest way (free) is for both you and your BF to use ‘normal’ skype , if both of you have a PC.

    Texting: Not on Skype, but Google Talk (free) might help if you both have a PC.


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