How much did you pay for Radiohead In Rainbows?

Downloading the latest Radiohead (In Rainbows) Album now, not going to say (yet) if it any good or not. I’m more interested in how much did YOU pay for it when you were given the choice?

RadioHead In Rainbows

We paid Sterling 5.50 – Eur 7.95 according to Oanda Currency Convertor. Come on, tell us , how much did you pay for it?

Update: These are the numbers (see the comments below). I’ll update the graph as more people leave comments. I’m interested in this , not from the music point of view (it’s a good , but not great album). It’s more I’m looking to price my next mad-take-over-the-world idea. How do you put a value on something that (a) doesn’t physically exist and (b) will have wildly different values for different people?


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  1. £10stg.

    I’m not blown away – yet. I can still remember the shock and awe of OK Computer and The Bends was a wonderfully crafted album. I even liked a lot of what they’ve done since then. And now that they’ve gradually returned to recording things that can can be described as songs again, well, they need to be very very good to explain why they were ‘away’ all this time.

    That said, I think it will sink in deeper. There are some great moments, and I like Strange Fish/Arpeggi and Nude a lot.

  2. I paid 8 pounds. One, because I want to back Radiohead´s initiative. Two, because that would be the price as it was released as CD in my country. By the way, I live in Rio, Brazil, which is a third world country.

  3. £2. I figure that’s still more than they make from CD sales and low enough that I don’t feel like I have to be guaranteed to like the album or I’ll be annoyed.

  4. CDN$5 – £2.5. That’s half of what iTunes charges, about half the cost of a used CD, and feels pretty right to me. At $5, I didn’t really have to think too much about whether it was worth it or no.

  5. Hrmm Zip. Zero, Zilch. I pondered a while. $8 for a cd in a shop? what percentage would they usually get? $1 is lucky? and after i thought about that i decided to just get it free as its mp3 so not the quality that you would get from physical media. I’ll listen to it now and buy it later.

  6. $8, but I was disappointed it was only 160kbps (I’m a bit of an audiophile/perfectionist, I can’t help it). I’ll probably be downloading a higher quality rip when the discbox comes out.

  7. Ross, an interview on radio I heard the other day claims they would get €4-€5 of every €10 CD sale.

    You can always pay the lowest amount now and if you like it buy it again. If you don’t like it then don’t. But getting the files illegally the first time isn’t great for anybody.

  8. £4.27. I reckon this is a shade more than they would take from a label on a per unit sale. More to the point I wanted to reward the highly creative approach, next time I’d pay less but ultimately would buy more music.

  9. I paid £6, which was about $12.99 USD, the price I would typically pay for an album. This is slightly more than what I recently paid for The Bends on Amazon’s new MP3 service but I figured it’s newer so should cost more. whatever.

    I really like the fact that it’s in an unrestricted MP3 format and hope Radiohead is setting a trend.

  10. Thanks for sharing the numbers – I’ve updated the post with a lovely looking graph.

    I’m interested in this, not from the music point of view, but how do you price something (a)that doesn’t exist in a physical form and (b) is going to be worth wildly different amounts for different people.

  11. i paid 2£ – guess this is what they would have earned if they sold it on a normal way. but if they release the cd I will for sure buy the record (again).

  12. I paid $15 US.. Ive read that the mp3 quality was sub-standard so perhaps I should have paid less. However, Radiohead is probably my favorite band, so I wanted to support their effort in this unusual release. That said, I was kind of disappointed with the new songs.. Can I get a partial refund for that reason alone? 😀

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