MyBlogLog is Toast (since Yahoo took it over)

Sorry folks, but if you’re used to seeing your photo pop up on the right hand side of this blog (courtesy of myBlogLog) – you’ve been dumped. Nothing personal, but you weren’t really coming here to see your photo, were you?
MyBlogLog Logo

Main reason for dumping myBlogLog is that it now uses the Yahoo single sign in. Spent 5 mins trying to link it to myBlogLog account, then gave up (I’ve better things to do). It just shows you how a big company (Yahoo) can buy a startup (myBlogLog) for it’s user base, then have them all run away elsewhere with just one clunky move.


  1. I didn’t have any problems connecting my accounts. Don’t give up, just email support.

    Of all the Social Networks, MyBlogLog is the only one I visit daily.


  2. Like most Web users; I’m fickle. If it doesn’t work 1st time and it’s not a *core* application (like google apps), then Adios!


  3. Hi Paul,

    I’m really sorry you had trouble merging accounts and sorry to see you go. It wasn’t supposed to be difficult, if you find the time, I’d be curious to know exactly what was causing you trouble.

    Product Manager, MyBlogLog

  4. Ian,

    Thanks for the message, and I’m impressed that somebody from Yahoo / MyBlogLog is still monitoring what the community is saying about them.

    Main reason for dumping myBlogLog is usability of my own blog; people come for the content ; photos while nice, just get in the way!


  5. It’s not great for SEO strictly (i.e. linkbuilding) but it certainly can help drive traffic to your site. A lot of blog owners that you’ve visited automatically go and look at their visitors MBL page and often on to the site.

  6. (Clarification: when I say not great for linkbuilding I mean that there’s no way to create lots of backlinks from Of course you might receive lots of links from MBL members sites if they like your stuff!)

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