And the 19th Best Irish Blog (by incoming Links) is …

According to Justin Mason’s List, it’s this blog (People and Technology). We’re number 19 by incoming links, number 22 by bookmarks and number 45 by Technorati rank. No , I don’t understand the numbers either – just happy to be in the top 100.

Given that Tom is off to Spain, Grandad has Retired (allegedly) and Donncha’s page rank is being pummeled by Google, all I need is for Lucky the Laughing Assassin (of Twenty Major fame) to bump off both John and Michele and I’ll be well on my way to the top 10.

How much does it cost, Twenty?


  1. Donncha O Caoimh · October 31, 2007

    Haha. Well, with that post you got a few extra inbound links. I don’t nofollow my links so that trackback counts for something!

  2. admin · October 31, 2007

    Donncha – where do you live (Lucky Luciano wants to know 🙂

    Me, competitive? Not all all!


  3. Grandad · October 31, 2007

    Sorry. Not retired from blogging. I suppose you are after my skin too, as for some strange reason, I’m at 15 and 16.

  4. admin · October 31, 2007

    This is going to cost me a fortune. Wonder if Lucky gives group discounts 🙂

  5. Twenty Major · October 31, 2007

    Lucky might be a bit out of your price range. Minimum charge is €100. Not too many people have that kind of money floating about.

  6. Grandad · October 31, 2007

    Fair play, Twenty. I refuse to be bumped off for anything less than full price.

  7. admin · November 1, 2007

    My Google Adwords Cheque just arrived in. Will Lucky take Dollars?

  8. Twenty Major · November 1, 2007

    No, Lira only.

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