Damien Mulley is the number one threat to Irish Productivity

Forget inflation, overpaid government ministers or a still bubbling Irish property market. The hot news (coming an inside contact) is that according to Webmarshal and Websense (Net nanny type products that many Corporates use to restrict access to certain websites), the biggest threat to Irish Economic Success is ….


Damien Mulley (Warning: site may contain opinions on Irish Broadband and Comreg dangerous to corporate web filters).Paul Watson has more on his Websense issues.
Yes, who would have thought it. Apparently Damien, organizer of the Irish Blog awards and PR Guru by day, is actually a dangerous left wing subversive determined to undermine the economic foundations of the Irish state. Think a Cork version of Che Guevara. Or maybe I’m just jealous that this blog isn’t important enough to get banned. Well, it did get Frankie goes to Hollywood to number one in the UK Charts.

What is strange is that there are several other ‘higher profile’ sites that are not blocked. ‘Higher Profile’ includes one that is valued in Billion Dollar range. In general, the site of banned sites is ‘bought in’ from WebMarshals centrally maintained list , so I would expect this ban to have a substantial (but not crippling) effect on Damiens Google Analytics Stats. And that’s before we get into the ethics of not trusting well paid employees to manage their own time.

Do I have a better suggestion on how corporates can manage their web access? Yes; let all employees access any website. Then publish the web-surfing records (everything is recorded you know) on the company intranet. Amazing how much productivity will improve. As it is, any intelligent employee could find their way around the current set of net filters.


  1. AFAIR, my blogs were blocked by a major financial company in Dublin, and also by Cork County Council. I guess they noticed my friends there visiting đŸ™‚

    Publishing the web surfing records is a good idea, but I can imagine the embarrassment caused by a junk email forcing IE to open a porn site ..

  2. Donncha,

    I heard a similar story, not sure if it’s an urban legend, that the person doing the dodgy surfing was a senior manager in the company.

    Needless to say, the publishing of the web stats stopped soon after that.


  3. One complaint by a supervisor about a website or its collateral URLs can get the site listed in censorware. Many local area authorities ban everything on Flickr.com, reasoning there’s nothing an office worker can do with photographs to increase workplace productivity.

    And if someone in the chain of command doesn’t like a Mulley Musing, they simply add Mulley.net to the list of blocked sites, ensuring the workplace medium of interwebbed sites does not include the bothersome musings. That decision may have nothing to do with productivity but it might have everything to do with the medium not liking the message.

  4. It reminds me a bit of China up until the 1500’s (!) Until then , the Chinese were way ahead of the Europeans and had a much superior Sea Fleet.

    That was, until the Emperor banned all outside contact (for politicial reasons), and it was Columbus (from Europe) the discovered the riches of America. The rest as they say is history.

    Moral of the story: It’s easy to block. But the costs of doing so aren’t immediately apparent.


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