Dublin Traffic Chaos – who should I believe (RTE or BBC)?

Not so sadly as it turns out; I wasn’t in Dublin on any client sites today. The trouble is , did I miss major traffic chaos (BBC) or a slight hiccup in operation freeflow (RTE)?


An overturned truck, which took the emergency services six hours to remove, brought large areas of Dublin to a standstill on Monday….One of the worst traffic jams the city has ever seen….the chaos led to a huge build-up of traffic, with a jam on the M1 Belfast-Dublin motorway extending as far back as Skerries, 20 miles north of the city.



Traffic eases after truck accident…. Although there was only a marginal impact on early rush hour traffic, there were major delays in late morning.

Can I still donate my 150 quid licence fee to my blogger of choice?


  1. I would believe BBC on that one, RTE seem to have played it down (wether they were sensored or not is another question), this is great example of how one minor incident can bring the whole city to a standstill.
    Traffic in Dublin is a joke, with a lack of a decent public transport system that doesn’t rely solely on roadways the city will be un-traversable in a car or truck very soon. it’s even getting harder for motorbikes to get through.
    This will effect Dublin and Ireland economically which in a time of economic uncertainty, is the last thing this country needs.

  2. Kev,

    You might have guessed from my tone that I was leaning towards the BBC version of events from people that I know who got stuck in it.

    The most charitable explanation I can think for the RTE version is ‘it didn’t affect D4 / the Stillorgan dual carriageway, so it doesn’t count’. Not good for a national broadcaster.


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