Who will we be handing the 'best Irish business blogger' award to?

Did we mention that we’re sponsoring the Best Irish Business Blogger award at the Irish Blog awards on March 1st? We’ve written a guide to business blogging in Ireland, and I’m really looking forward to see who the winner is on the night.

Irish blog award sponsor logo

In case you’re looking at the blog award nomination form and wondering who to fill in the business section, may I be as bold as to suggest a couple of possibilities? If I’ve missed your blog , leave a comment.

Or you could follow our suggestions for Best Political Blogger.


  1. annette · January 18, 2008

    Thanks for the honourable mention Paul – looking forward to seeing you on the night.

  2. Paul Browne · January 21, 2008


    … and getting the best business blogger gong ..? I think http://www.inter-actions.biz/blog/ is in with a chance (although who knows what the ‘Academy’ will decide 🙂


  3. John McClean · January 21, 2008

    A Random Walk was a great new blog. Pity it seems to be gone now..

  4. Paul Browne · January 21, 2008


    Yep, Keith (don’t think I’m outing his identity) was doing a good job of making compelling stories from dry financial information.

    Last post was ‘will be busy for the next couple of months’. I’m hoping that he’ll be back …


  5. Kevin Peyton · February 5, 2008

    Cheers Paul…

    i’ve been awfully slack lately…


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