Top web designers get paid in cows

Eoghan McCabe and Ken Stanley are doing some work on a website for us. Under wraps until it’s complete, but even at this stage it looks very slick. This work is as a result of Eoghans win a web design competition so they’re refusing to take any payment for it. So what do you do to show their appreciation? You buy them a cow.
I don’t know what the going rate (in cows) are for Eoghan’s and Ken’s services, so this is only a token amount. And the cow goes to Africa via Oxfam Ireland rather than An Post leaving it at your doorstep. Although once Ken found out about his bovine-surprise, he threatened to track it down and BBQ it himself.

And yes, if you’ve been reading this blog for while, you’ll know that I’m a serial cow buyer.


  1. Ken Stanley · January 25, 2008

    I just bought a few dozen bottles of barbecue sauce and several packets of bundies. You honestly think I’m going to let them go to waste?

  2. Paul Browne · January 25, 2008


    Sounds more like a cure to the Techludd hangover 🙂


  3. Ken Stanley · January 25, 2008

    No, there’s no cure for that unfortunately.

  4. Eoghan McCabe · January 28, 2008

    He’s right. There’s no cure. You just have to sit there and think about how unproductive your day is.

    Thanks for the cow. Thought I’d never get to say that…

  5. Paul Browne · January 28, 2008


    The other option was to buy both of you a sheep each. But that’s nothing something you’d put on your LinkedIn profile 🙂


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