Ireland's chance to vote Obama or McCain

What if Ireland really did get a chance to vote Obama or McCain in the forthcoming US Presidential election? While this Irish Times article suggests that we’re more Memphis than Massachusetts (think about that – Dana as an Irish version of Sarah Palin), now we’re going to find out what would really happen if we got to vote.

No, I’ve not found some ‘back door’ to allow us to take part, but the Economist is running an online poll to find out what would happen if the US President was choosen by worldwide vote.

Hmm … looks like Obama is leading 8,375 to 15. Those 15 come from Georgia (wondered what happened there recently) and Macedonia (next door to Kosovo with large scale Nato intervention).

Life’s unfair with McCain getting tarred with the legacy of 8 years of Bush. Especially after what happened him in the 2000 election (South Carolina Primary) where Bush hit him with some very low attack ads alleging that McCains wife had an affair (in reality, the couple have a daughter adopted from overseas).

Warning: This blog has a 100% failure rate when it comes to forecasting politics.


  1. Adam Monsen · October 8, 2008

    Ha! Very nice. Since the world is watching, I’ll do my best to make sure we don’t disappoint during this election. Please, Obama, please just win.

  2. Paul Browne · October 8, 2008


    McCain is not the worst – it’s just a pity that he didn’t beat Bush in the 2000 Primaries. Maybe that will be one of the great ‘what ifs’ of history.

    Obama – lovely life story, would he disappoint as President? Probably, mainly due to expectations being so high.

    Either way, it’s amazing how much us outside of the US have the (insane) feeling that we should have a right to vote (but would complain loudly of ‘interference’ if the direction of comments were reversed!)


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