Dublin Traffic Chaos – who should I believe (RTE or BBC)?

Not so sadly as it turns out; I wasn’t in Dublin on any client sites today. The trouble is , did I miss major traffic chaos (BBC) or a slight hiccup in operation freeflow (RTE)?


An overturned truck, which took the emergency services six hours to remove, brought large areas of Dublin to a standstill on Monday….One of the worst traffic jams the city has ever seen….the chaos led to a huge build-up of traffic, with a jam on the M1 Belfast-Dublin motorway extending as far back as Skerries, 20 miles north of the city.



Traffic eases after truck accident…. Although there was only a marginal impact on early rush hour traffic, there were major delays in late morning.

Can I still donate my 150 quid licence fee to my blogger of choice?