Anybody up for Seedcamp Ireland (Dublin | Belfast | Newry | Dundalk)?

At a recent OpenCoffee Dublin event Brian Cleland of InterTrade Ireland mooted the idea of a Seedcamp Ireland. He’d love to see it be held in Newry or Dundalk (as cross-border networking is really his thing), but is realistic enough to consider other locations.

Seedcamp logo

To quote the main Seedcamp website:

Seedcamp is where Europe’s top young founders can come together in one place.

From securing funding to developing the right network, young entrepreneurs in Europe face challenges in building globally competitive technology businesses. Through the provision of seed capital and a world class network of mentors, we want to provide a catalyst for Europe’s next generation of entrepreneurs.

We might need to use a different name, but would you be interested in an informal meetup of startups and investors? Given the turn in the property market, would investors be ooking to put their money into the startup technology sector? Where would you like to see it held?

Irish Business Networking – – better than OpenCoffee, Barcamp or BNI?

Derek Organ left me a comment about the new Investnet site. Investnet run the successful (offline, Dublin based) Wireless Wednesday and First Tuesday networking events. In terms of cold financial payback, the latter is the most successful IT-Business networking event(s) that I’ve taken part in. Now all these networks are available online, in a Facebook / LinkedIn style site.

Good to see an Irish Organisation ‘get’ the networking possibilities that Web2.0 brings.

InvestNet Ireland Logo
Also came up in conversation at Barcamp BelfastBusiness Networking International (BNI). Great if you do lots of little sales – e.g. Accountants, Solicitors, IT shops , as the aim is do to cross referrals between close, but not competing , companies.

I’ll (finally) get to OpenCoffee Dublin tomorrow (Thurs 5th July). Will it be better for networking than Investnet, Barcamp or BNI?

Plato – more networking , people not computers

It’s a co-incidence of timing , but a reminder that there are many more meetups than just Barcamp (Dublin Event is on this Saturday).

Plato North West (Louth – Newry and Mourne) launched last night – thanks to Coca-Cola concentrates in Drogheda for hosting.
Plato Ireland Logo

Plato is a self help group for small business owners. (‘Hello , my name is Paul and I’m self-employed’). All the people involved are looking to grow their business. What Plato offers includes:

  • A support group of other people in similar situations that will meet regularly over the next months.
  • Networking opportunties , both within the group, cross border , and with other Plato groups (e.g Dublin, Cork and South East).
  • Clusters of companies in related sectors that would benefit from linking.
  • A struture to plan business expansion and a peer review to ensure you execute the plan.

Most of the details of the meetings are confidential , but I’m (happily) surprised at the cross section of companies involved. External companies can be invited in by consensus of the group.

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Who will we be handing the 'Best Contribution' award to?

It seems like we’re handing out prizes every day of the week.

We’re (as in sponsoring the Best Contribution to the Irish Blogosphere at the Irish Blog Awards. If this was Rock’n’roll, this award would be given for ‘lifetime achievement’ and Keith Richards, Bono or Burt Bacharach would be accepting it.
Irish Blog Awards Logo

So who will we be handing the award to on Saturday night? Who is the blogging equivalent of Keith, Bono or Burt? Will it be ….

  • Bernie Goldbach , from Irish Eyes. I want Bernie to win as he was generous with his time 2 years ago at Techcamp to a wet-behind the ears blogger.
  • Donncha from Holy Schmoly. I want Donncha to win for his contribution to WordPress – one of the best pieces of web software there is (and we use a lot of them , so we should know).
  • Tom from Tom Raftery IT. I want Tom to win as like Bernie , he’s been very generous with his advice over the years. His new tagline is ‘Highest ranked blog in ireland’ so you can’t argue with that.
  • Simon from Irish Election. Simon’s is the only blog that I wasn’t previously aware of. I still want him to win because anything that injects a bit more democracy to the current Irish political system is a good thing.
  • Rick from the Breakfast blog. I want Rick to win as he’s one of the better 2FM DJ’s (damning with faint praise), but as one of the first mainstream bloggers, he’s done a lot to raise the profile of blogging in Ireland.

So good luck all , and I’ll be speaking to you on the night.

Race you to 100 Subscribers on Feedburner?

Update: Ok Ken ,congratulations on hitting 100 so soon – what are you having? Just noticed your ‘105 subscribers‘ post. Didn’t even get a chance to deploy my ‘secret weapon’.

At the risk of having to shell out for a 2nd Pint (that’s the marketing budget blown then), anybody up for ‘Biggest increase in subscribers’ (%) between now and the blog awards? Same rules – no gouging , no biting , no photoshopping or double subscribing but everything else is fair game?

Round 2 is now online here

Original:I’ve just noticed that Ken McGuire has about the same number of subscribers on Feedburner (he has 86, I have 83 – it’s the number on the top right hand side of the blog) with both numbers increasing gradually over the weeks. No doubt Ken has the same ‘mad-take-over-the-world’ ambitions as me , or a least has a target of getting these into three-digit figures as soon as possible.

So , I’m proposing a race. First to get to 100 subscribers on any given day wins. No biting , no eye-gouging , no photo-shopping, no double-subscribing but otherwise anything goes. Loser buys the winner a beer at the Irish Blog Awards.

Feedburner Logo

Anybody else feel like joining in? Same rules, but to make it fair , we may have to have some sort of handicap system for people with subscribers much higher or lower than us (i.e. we might need to give Tom Raftery a target of 1000).

What Irish IT Buyers really want – Dublin Event

From the ICS Newsletter:

Sales people or managers responsible for selling or marketing IT solutions at the “C” level are strongly encouraged to attend this wine and cheese evening event. IT buyers from  Ireland  ’s top organisations including Dunnes, AXA, AIB, and Vhi will provide insight into their decision-making criteria.

Date:                Thursday January 25th

Time:                6 pm

Venue:              ICS, Cresent Hall, Mount St. Crescent,Dublin 2

Cost:                Free to members of ICS and the Sales Institute

€25 to all others

To register:       Contact Edwina Fogarty, or phone: 01 6447820

Attendees will:

  • Listen to and meet IT buyers with a combined IT budget in excess of €1billion
  • Understand what solutions these key decision making executives are really looking for.
  • Get an insight into what decision criteria they will use before purchase.
  • Learn how to get in front of these people and how they will look to you to add value to them.
  • Meet other IT Sales people who may have a complimentary offering to your own, whom you can partner effectively with.

Format of the evening

  1. 6.00pm – Each executive will speak for about 7 minutes on what they are looking to achieve with their IT purchases and what they are looking for from sales people.
  2. 6.30pm – There will then be a question and answer session, chaired by Peter Lawless, where you can pose your questions directly to the speakers.
  3. 7.00pm – The formal part of the evening will then be followed by a wine and cheese reception where you will have an opportunity to network and follow up on the advice you have just been given by the speakers.


Vincent Nolan, CIO, Dunnes Stores

Padraic Mills, CIO, AXA

Paul Williams, Head of Procurement, AIB

Gerry Quinn, IT Director, Eircom

Mick Furlong, IT Director, VHI

Leo Lundy, Chief Technical Officer, Imagine Group

Peter Lawless, Chairman IT Sales Network and Founder 3R Sales & Marketing

Peter Lawless, is the founder of 3R Sales and Marketing, an Irish Business development consultancy. Peter Lawless is a proven business growth guru, with over 20 years in industry. Hundreds of owners of small and medium businesses, both national and international, have benefited from his advice and expertise.

Serving as a mentor of Enterprise Ireland and an external examiner for Dublin Insitutute of Technology,  Peter is also on the boards of a number of other companies. A fellow of the Sales Institute and The Irish Computer Society, Peter is a member of the Marketing Institute, the Irish Internet Association, the Irish Software Association and the Chamber of Commerce.

Update: It has just been pointed out to me that the Irish computer society do not have an RSS feed on their website.