Sxore is the spawn of the Devil

Alternative title: if you left a post in recent weeks, and it hasn’t appeared, I’m sorry.

Sxore Logo

(don’t click on the link. It will only make it worse).
I dabbled with Sxore a while back for this site. At first it was great, users didn’t have to login to leave comments. Then , for some reason, sxore stopped letting me login, and didn’t have a ‘lost your password?’ link to save the day. Hundreds of insightful / witty / cutting comments got lost in the ether.

I bit the bullet and turned it off. The problem being that my ‘last known good’ version of this blog had sxore as part of the backup. So , every time I restored the website (you’re looking at version number 3), sxore came back again.

So , if you left a comment and it’s not here, I’m sorry. It only makes me feel slightly less bad that Conor from Argolon (the Sxore dealing merchant that he is 🙂 has turned it off as well.