How to talk to your boss about Ajax

So you know what Ajax is and you need to convince your boss of the benefits that it would bring to your web project?

I’ve just put online two new whitepapers explaining what Ajax is, how to use it within your existing project and how to talk to your boss about it.

The first is in the current (December / January) edition of Business Plus Magazine, but for non Irish readers, is available for download here. It’s aimed at business readers and gives examples of a travel websites that are already using Ajax and Web 2.0 to increase Sales to customers.

The 2nd Article is more technical, and was previously published on Sun’s Java Website. It introduces Ajax and shows how to integrate it with older ‘legacy’ applications. In this case the ‘legacy’ technology is Java and the Struts web framework, but it would work equally well for PHP, ASP, .Net , Visual Basic and other technologies. This article is available for download on the main website.


  1. These articles / whitepapers are free to reproduce, provided the ‘’ logo and notice remains intact!

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