Give your input into the Web 2.0 Presentation

I’ve been invited to do a Web 2.0 presention to the Irish Dev / Irish Internet Association (it’s on the 21st Feb in the Morgan Hotel , Dublin, if you’re about in Ireland that day).

So, we have a problem. I consider myself to know a little about Web 2.0, but nobody knows everything about it, even the great Tim O’Reilly and his famous definition of Web 2.0. You might as well try and record every conversation happening in a busy room. I thought I would ask the community.

The Audience is tricky, as it is partly business (to whom Web 2.0 = next dot com boom) and partly technical (to whom Web 2.0 = Ajax) – for the record , I consider both views wrong. We also have only 30 minutes , including a (very quick) demo of how easy it is to migrate to Ajax (based on this article). A lot of the business concepts will be at the level of this article that I wrote for Ireland’s Business Plus magazine.

So, I have some notes on the Web 2.0 presentation taking shape over on the Knowledgebase. To cater for the technical side, we’ll probably (quickly) cover some of the Ajax Enabled Java Frameworks (summary of these here).

What do you think? How can I inject a cold dose of reality into this Web 2.0 business? Leave your comments below , or Contact me via this form.


  1. Web 2.0 is a very difficult thing to define because the person that created the term even had a very vague description of exactly what it was.

    In general i would say it defines a movement which encapsulates a whole range of things

    Small business:
    37signals, ruby, Ajax and online sme business web applications

    Social, digg, flickr, google maps etc

    to even big business with etc..

    So in some ways the ‘internet’ is becoming a place were we store and organize information instead of just using our office network and personal computers. The implications are that we have more information at our finger tips especially with access to the internet being available from almost anywhere now from your phone to starbucks. I think greater access has a huge part in what is happening.

    my 2cents…

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