Abba, Ajax and an update on the Web 2.0 presentation

For everybody waiting for the breaking news of the latest of the Web 2.0 presentation that we talked about earlier….

Met Fergal Breen (my Co-Presenter from IrishDev) over lunch – and had a very pleasant conversation about not only Web 2.0 , Ajax but Java Server Faces (JSF) and the latest moves from Oracle regarding Fusion and ADF. Also a couple of eye-opening stories about life in the Media (anybody that can parley a job with IrishDev into an invitation to Stringfellows Dublin opening night definately has character to say the least).

The upshot of all this is that the slides are now in much better shape. They mightn’t have the pictures of Abba , the 3 bridges and the Berlin Wall attached to them (you’re going to have to go to the presentation on Feb 21st in Dublin to find out). Overall , the slides are at the point where I could do a presentation from them , so that is progress.

Expect more editing as Fergal adds his topics. We decided there was more of a ‘flow’ with going for one presentation with two presenters, rather than trying to do an arbitrary split between slides.


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