If you're interested in System Security , and you're about in Dublin …

If you’re interested in Security , and you’re about in Dublin next Wednesday (April 26th), you could do worse than check this one out:

Extract from the full meeting agenda:

The major questions we will attempt to cover in the discussion are –

  • What makes the security profession distinct?
  • Is it a particular
    security certification/qualification/experience or is it less tangible?
  • What are the entry criteria for a security professional, the milestones
    and the potential career directions?
  • Is there a formalised security career path?
  • How can an employer tell the
    difference between a professional in the field and a (for want of a
    better word) spoofer?
  • Is the career path supported by credible and useful industry efforts and
  • Who are the main professional organisations and institutions?

I haven’t (yet) been to one of the ISSA events , anybody that does go along please let me know if it is good , bad , or indifferent. I’m off to the Enterprise Ireland Web 2.0 event at the Helix DCU instead.

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