Web 2.0 Meets the Government

Web 2.0 Meets the Government …. or so this seminar from the Irish Computer Society will explain at the ‘Bringing E-Government to the Citizen’ conference. It’s is good to get the Web 2.0 word out but I feel that the tag is losing it’s meaning, and getting lost in the normal commercial sales process (while I understand the need of companies to sell, I think that making the Web 2.0 term equivalent to ‘washes whiter than white’ hurts everybody, including the companies making the pitches.

Example: one of the other speakers will explain how ‘How Ireland.com has succeeded in the Irish online newspaper market’. Excuse me? Can Deirdre Veldon from Ireland.com and Bill O’Brien (from Microsoft, talking about Web 2.). actually be sharing the same platform?

Hint for Bill: Point out that user generated content is the core of Web 2.0 , and how bloggers won’t link to walled pay sites (like Ireland.com / Irish Times). You’ve done well in the Web 1.0 world and I wish you luck Deirdre reinventing yourself now that things have moved on. 

A good starting point: This weeks survey by the Economist Magazine on New Media.

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