Sugar CRM

I’ve just updated to the latest version of Sugar CRM , and despite the high opinion that I have of previous versions, I’m still very very impressed.

If I was Oracle , Microsoft , Peoplesoft , Sage or any of the myriad of providers of Customer Relationship Management software I would be very , very worried. Previously you could dismiss it as a ‘low end’ product. Now it is approaching mid market in terms of functionality. It’s Enterprise software,  for companies or departments with less than 100 people needing to manage customer contacts (and that would cover most Irish companies).

The price? Zero. De nada . Rien , apart from your time. If you want , SugarCRM will even host it for you (like Salesforce). The beauty of the business model is that they allow other hosters to offer it as well (e.g. Blacknight).


  1. I’ve used Sugar and Salesforce — Sugar has some nice funcitionality but I actually have a business that relies on the CRM for life — so I use Salesforce — and pay for it. And I sleep like a baby at night! I don’t care about free software if I don’t trust it — and we had problems with the hosted version of Sugar — not really Sugar’s fault — but it impacted our business nonetheless. Something I can’t afford. Salesforce is cheap compared to that.

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