LouderVoice solution to knowlege sharing

I’ve been following what Conor from Argolon’s blog for a while, so it’s good news that his startup Loudervoice is now going into (alpha? Beta1?) trails. Even better that the problem that he’s trying to solve is directly relevant:

Tired of having your knowledge and expertise under-exposed and unread? We aim to change that.

Louder Voice Logo

Having been through the ‘we’re-a-startup-going-to-change-the-world-oops-just-failed-miserably’ route, I’ll be interested in how his business model differs from the likes of Experts Exchange.

Update: For info , Experts Exchange business model is to allow people to post questions and pay for answers. The experts themselves receive nothing but ‘brownie points’. I can’t see why people would want to post and lose control of their information especially as you have to log in and pay to see the answer (not very Google-able), but lots of people do.

Update 2: Ok , this time, Loudervoice really is open for Beta. Really.

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  1. Hey Paul,

    We’re not really in the experts-exchange space at all and we’re probably still being a bit too vague!

    The motto LouderVoice lives by is “your information on your blog building your reputation”. We do not silo your content/expertise, we make it easy to publish/find/interact with it in useful ways and always sending users to the original source.

    We’ll be talking more about the specific niche we are operating in over the next few weeks.

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