Java 6 New Features

Yagiz Erkan has a good overview of the new Java 6 features over at the De Care Systems Ireland blog.

A lot of this features have been available as separate downloads for a while , but it’s good to see them becoming part of the Java mainstream. Of particular interest are:

  • Java now has a lightweight web server bundled with it – most sites will continue to use a variation of Apache Tomcat, but this will be useful for administration purpose.
  • The profiler (JHAT) for performance tuning is now considered mainstream.
  • Web services have become (much) easier to generate with the use of web services.

Yagiz  also gives a good example of using Java Web  Services with .Net


  1. Hi,

    Is there any help available where I can get some info. about diff. between java 5.0 and java 6.0.

    I was latest feature’s list from Sun and I felt there are new features added are less of use to me. Can any one help?

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