Irish Blog Awards – Blogs of the Sponsors

I was curious about who the other sponsors are of the Irish Blog Awards. There’s no list of the ‘sponsors blogs’ , so I did a bit of investigation. The links below are either the Sponsoring companies blogs, or people that (I think) work for them. If I got something wrong, leave a comment.
Blog Awards Logo

Update 1: Edelman link corrected.


  1. Hi Paul!

    Just spotted your link to our blog. My brother and I make up logic+intuition. As noted above we are sponsoring the Best Business Blog.

    In fact we have three blogs! One is in French so I’ll spare you that. The other called It’s a fair bit more developed than the one you mentioned above.

    Thanks for the mention!

  2. Thomas,

    Peut-etre que je parle du francais comme une vache espagnole, mais je suis sur que je pourrais essayer de le comprendre ….

    (C’est un blog ou une blog?)


  3. J’arrive de lire le blog, donc c’est clair que vous l’ecrivez pour les enfants de 6 a 8 ans 🙂

    Seriously , do you find yourself writing the same posts on both blogs? How do the reader figures stack up?

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