Goodbye Bloglines , Hello Google Reader

For various reasons I’ve moved from using Bloglines to Google Reader. Both (sites? products?) allow me to read the 200+ blogs that I follow on a regular basis. And Google Reader allows me to solve my Killer Zombie Blogs problem.
If you’re reading this on the web, these blogs are listed on the bottom right of the page. It’s an auto export from Bloglines, so anytime I add another blog to my reading list, it gets added to the Blogroll.

And there is the problem.

Google Labs Logo[Link to Google Reader]

The script that I use to do this on Bloglines won’t work with Google. So I’ll need to update it. Not a big problem (no more than an hours work), but it confirms the Web2 mantra – ‘Data is the Intel inside‘.

While I’m free to switch between Web2 sites and take my data with me, in practice , it’s not always quite as simple.

And yes, I used OPML to export from Bloglines into Google Reader. James Corbett would be proud of me.

Update: Surprisingly enough, it seem nobody has published a way of doing this (use items from Google Reader in Blogroll). I may get around to writing it myself sometime (don’t hold your breath). In the meantime, I can just export from Reader back to Bloglines.


  1. I too switched from Bloglines to Google Reader, mostly because it integrates better with Blogger. But there is no easy way to share my blogroll.

    Any chance you wrote that script yet? It would be immensely helpful!


  2. Chris,

    The best ‘solution’ I have is to keep something like Bloglines that *does* integrate with WordPress, then export your OPML from Google reader into Bloglines on an occasional basis.

    This is a ‘good enough’ solution for what I want, so no, I haven’t written the script yet 🙂


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