Feed your addiction with Feedburner , MyBlogLog and Google Analytics

You’ve probably heard of Google Analytics – a free service that gives you
stats such as the charts below.

This chart shows the number of visitors (blue) and the number of pageviews (orange). Interesting that in 2 years blogging , the average of pages viewed has always been just under 2 pages per visitor).

Google Linechart
This chart (again from Google Analytics) shows the visits by source. Bit of an usual one at the moment – I would tend to get about 10% of visits each from MSN and Yahoo (not showing at the moment).

Google Piechart

Google only updates it’s stats once a day. If you’re really addicted to seeing your stats (and you really need to get out more) then feedburner updates most of its stats on an hourly basis. Feedburner not only gives you web stats similar to Google (if you’re FeedFlare enabled), but it gives you the number of people who are also reading your site via a feed – the grey box on the top right of this blog.

Feedburner Barchart
Strangely , this feed history seems to have a life of it’s own. Most people read blogs Monday to Friday , so the numbers dip at the weekend

FeedBurner Barchart

If you’re a hard core stats addict , you’ll also have MyBlogLog enabled. These give the photos on the left hand side of the blog (useful in themselves), more stats (very good for incoming / outgoing links) and a widget (see image below) that shows users the most popular outgoing links.

MyBlogLogs Outgoing


  1. I use them all on my main blog and have analytics running across a few others – MyBlogLog I’ve posted on kenmc.com and have the tracking code (without the images) running across others.

    StatCounter.com is also a decent resource for tracking statistics. The free service gives you indepth stats on your last 100 visitors as well as full details (charted) on daily hits / views. Have that one running across everything I’ve got online as far as I know.

  2. Well, I tend to use 2-3 stats services. I’ll use Analytics, Statcounter and then the servers own stat to get a good average. There always seemed to be subtle difference across the stats. Don’t knoww if I would rate Stat Counter higher or not but I’ve always liked their stats and before Analytics came along (with its added depth and subsequent complexity) Stat Counter was always my first port of call.

  3. Thanks, the information was very helpful. I had a mybloglog account, but didn’t realize about their cool widgets.

    Also i learned from one of the comments that people use multiple stat trackers in their sites. I used statcounter, and switched to google analytics for no reason. But, now, after reading this blog, i use both 🙂

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