2000 people, but are there any Business Bloggers there??

Hurry if you want to be included , only 980 spots left …. The only downside is that there is no summary with the photographs, so leave me a message here if you’re a Technology or Business blogger.

Update: Fun while it lasted, Tino has pulled the original post because of / despite of a complaint from Technorati.


  1. Hi
    Yes, there are some business – and technical – bloggers in the 2000 Bloggers group. I started to make a list but I’ve mislaid it for the moment.

  2. Des,

    I’d be interested in seeing it.

    I’m sure these is an easy (ish) way of writing a script against Technorati to pull the (blog level) tags that people use to describe themselves. Just don’t think I’ll get the time to do it!


  3. Tom,

    I didn’t spot you the first time .. mind you I can’t always find myself in there , so it’s not surprising.

    Presume it’s the same ‘Tom accepting Irish Blog Award’ photo that you use on your site?


  4. Paul, yup, that’s the photo.

    I’ve never seen myself in there but considering the number of photos, that’s not too surprising.

    I have a better photo I am going to start using – you can see it now on the Enterprise Irregulars site. Donncha O’Caoimh took it so you know it is good (despite the subject matter!).

  5. I’d forgotten that you also blogged on Enterprise Irregulars – how did you get invited to post there?

    BTW , How much did you have to pay Donncha for the photoshop work 🙂 Photo is much more ‘bloggy’ – thinking of getting a new one myself (keep the suit, lose the tie).


  6. Not a business blogger yet. I’m hoping to build an audience and one day have my websiet itself be a business. I just started about 2 months ago. Living in Turkey, it seems like there are ample things to write about, and I have the dream of being a writer, so the blog was origionally a way of starting writing. I’m hoping it will become a way of branding myself as an expert on life in Turkey and as an English teacher. If nothing else it’s a way to maintain a conversation with my English students. If for no other reason than that, it’s a business blog.

  7. Michael,

    Thanks for the link – I’m now a subscriber. Will add you to the blogroll at some stage when the effect of the 2000 links wears off.


    I’m still looking for my own photo (I can find it in the source , so I know that it is there 🙂 After that I’ll help you look for yours.


  8. Yes, I’m in there (about in the middle) and I’m both a geek and a business blogger (primarily focused on Internet Marketing, Mobile Technology and items of interest to Real Estate Agents and Brokers, entrepreneurs and small business owners.

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