2000 Euro worth of Design work , just to get Free Beer at the Irish Blog Awards.

I think he’s mad. But mad in a genius, Picasso, come and design my website for me kind of way. Which is exacty what Eoghan McCabe is offering to do to win a Free Beer at the Irish Blog Awards.

Feedburner logo

Now , he may be a competitor in our ‘who can get the most readers on Feedburner‘ competition, but even if I have to respect the sheer audacity of the move.


  1. Pat,

    I’d like to see him win , just for having the nerve to pull that one out of the hat!

    Any suggestions on how I can counter? About about 2000 euro worth of Database / Web 2/ Enterprise Java / Ugly Website advice?

    Just doesn’t have the same ring to it.


  2. Pat,

    I’m not into Java Micro Edition / J2ME. I could have been, but I think that within 18 -36 months all phones will be running the full version of Java.


    I can think of a way of getting what you want .. usual email (PaulB -atsign- Firstpartners.net) and I can give you a few pointers on how to find somebody to do the work.


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