Many Eyes – A Web 2 Service from IBM – Graph Pretty Picture from Excel

It’s been a while since we posted a pretty picture on the blog. Not an Andrea Corr or Paris Hilton kind of pretty picture, but one to liven up the general flow of text on this site.

Just as well then that IBM has announced ManyEyes , an online Service to take boring old numbers and turn them into the kind of graphics that you see below. It’s pretty simple to use : upload your data in a table (Excel like) format, then select how you want to view it. They even provided a wizard to allow you to link the results on your own site.

For example: This is the Value of 1 US Dollar against the Other Major Currencies (Euro , Yen, Sterling , Yuan).

Interesting, in this Ajax-y world, that it’s implemented as a Java Applet. Maybe Bruce was right?


  1. Pat ,

    Good idea – It’s simple enough to use – as long as you can get the results into excel, then it’s easy enough from there.

    I’m playing around both with this , and Pipes from Yahoo (RSS mixing – blogpost to follow sometime), so it’s a question of which gets more time 😉


  2. looking forward to it, would be great to see live stats, I believe Richard H has something up his sleeve and would love to see the impact once he makes his announcement.

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